Star Wars: Episode VIII (2017) - IMDb

Action, adventure, fantasy. Director: Rian Johnson. Starring: Gwendoline Christie, Oscar Isaac, Daisy Ridley and others. Having taken her first steps into a larger world in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), Rey continues her epic journey with Finn...

Star Wars Episode 8's Working Title Is Super Bizarre - CINEMABLEND

It goes without saying that we have become unreasonably excited for the upcoming release of Star Wars: Episode VIII – no matter what the title is. A new featurette has just hit the web to generate even more excitement about the sci-fi fantasy adventure.

What Is The Star Wars Episode 8 Title Going To Be?

I was having a conversation with a friend about the possible titles for Star Wars Episode VIII (yes I know what you’re thinking, I have cool friends and awesome not-at-all-nerdy conversations) and I concluded that the title of Episode 8 must be Dark Side-focused.

Star Wars Episode 8 Title Revealed for Production | Collider

While we’re probably still a ways off from knowing the official title for Star Wars: Episode VIII, we at least now know the working title for the film, and it’s so charming I almost wish it were the final title.

‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ Title May Have Been Leaked [Spoilers]

The title and plot line for Star Wars: Episode VIII has been a heavily guarded secret, but a video showing what appears to be an official Star Wars Episode: VIII poster has surfaced. The poster reveals what may be the title to the highly anticipated film. Star Wars: Episode VIII spoilers ahead.

Star Wars: Episode VIII - Wookieepedia - Wikia

Star Wars: Episode VIII is the upcoming eighth film in the Star Wars saga. It is the second film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy and the ninth live-action installment in the franchise overall. The film, which is currently in production...

Star Wars Episode 8 Working Title Revealed - GameSpot

The working title of Star Wars Episode 8 has been revealed.

'Star Wars: Episode 8' Title Leaks, Twice: Duel Of The Phonies

That is, if you believe a video that purports to show a packed hall of onlookers scoping out a poster accidentally set up far in advance of the official title unveiling at Star Wars Celebration Europe. Emblazoned with the subtitle Fall of the Resistance, the Star Wars: Episode 8 poster is a convincing...

Star Wars 8 Has 3 Rumored Titles, Which One Is Better?

Ever since Star Wars: Episode VIII started filming in February, we've been inundated with the typical story rumors.

‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ May Have A Very Ominous Title

Star Wars Celebration will open for fans in July and deliver a massive bundle of Star Wars news. One thing that will likely be confirmed is the title of Star Wars: Episode VIII. But it may have leaked early, and it’s bad news for a few characters.

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