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  1. Star Wars Collectible Coins | New Zealand Mint

    • NEW STAR WARS COIN RELEASES Sign-up to our email newsletter and be among the first to know about our latest coin releases! New Zealand Mint is thrilled to bring to you four officially licensed Star Wars™ coin collections.


  2. Star Wars Legal Tender Collectible Coins Issued by New Zealand Mint

    • The New Zealand Mint, a manufacturer of commemorative coins, will release a series of legal tender Star Wars silver coins this November. Issued by the paci.


  3. Star Wars Coins – Legal Tender in a Cantina on Tatooine?

    Come to the Dark Side……….. the New Zealand Mint has released 2 unique four coin sets depicting Star Wars characters that will be legal tender on the South Pacific Island of Niue. The coins feature a full coloured image of your favourite character duos of Luke Skywalker / Princess Leia...


  4. Gallery: Star Wars Coins Will Be Legal Tender in Niue | WIRED

    • Soon-to-be-minted Star War coins will be legal tender on the tiny South Pacific island nation of Niue, but you probably wouldn’t want to use them to buy a drink in the Mos Eisley Cantina.


  5. Country Mints Star Wars Coins as Legal Tender - Neatorama

    • Niue, an autonomous island nation and dependency of New Zealand, will mint coins bearing the images of Star Wars characters. They will be fully legal tender there


  6. Tiny South Pacific island to accept Star Wars coins as real money

    • The tiny South Pacific nation of Niue will soon be accepting Star Wars coins as legal tender. But don't count on anyone using them to buy a snack on the island (population: 1,311), which is linked to nearby New Zealand and recognizes Queen Elizabeth II as its sovereign.


  7. Star Wars Legal Tender Coins - New Zealand - Original Trilogy

    • 19 people won oscars for their work on Star Wars (1977) and George Lucas wasn't one of them.
    • The one from the photoshop job of 2004 with luke and his lightsaber is pretty horrible considering its the holiday special lightsaber and not star wars 77.


  8. Collectible STAR WARS™ Legal Tender Coins | Yakface.com

    • One of cinema’s most enduring and beloved franchises, the Star Wars Saga has made its imprint on books, TV, toys, soft goods, kitchen wares, video games, comic books and much, much more—but never as a legal tender coin set available in the U.S. Until now!


  9. Star Wars Collectible Coins

    • Star Wars, the American space epic created by George Lucas, is being transformed into legal tender coins for the first time. Each silver clad proof coin prominetly displays a full color image pulled straight from the classic films.


  10. Second Wave of Legal Tender Star Wars Coins - SWNZ, Star Wars New Zealand

    • Star Wars coin set strikes back. Just like in the movies, the sequel to the highly successful Star Wars legal tender coins is about to be released globally. And the second series of Star Wars coins show the force is still strong.