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  1. The Status of Status: Seizures Are Bad for Your Brain's Health | American Journal of Neuroradiology

    • Two important questions are raised: do seizures directly cause brain damage, and do they augment epileptogenicity?
    • When seizure activity is markedly prolonged, as in status epilepticus, brain damage can occur quickly and be profound.


  2. Status epilepticus: pathophysiology and management in

    • Several prognostic factors are important in predicting outcome of status epilepticus: cause, age, seizure duration, and response to treatment.
    • 110 Wasterlain CG, Fujikawa DG, Penix L, Sankar R. Pathophysiological mechanisms of brain damage from status epilepticus.


  3. Status Epilepticus - AboutKidsHealth | What causes status epilepticus?

    • Status epilepticus is a medical emergency that can eventually cause brain damage. Very prolonged seizures can cause organ damage and even death. While a child is in status epilepticus, she is also at risk for breathing failure, choking or aspiration, pulmonary edema, and even death.


  4. Hyperthermia aggravates and hypothermia ameliorates epileptic brain damage | SpringerLink

    • The second series investigated whether brief periods of status epilepticus (10 min) would cause brain damage if hyperthermia were high or excessive. For this series, animals with body temperatures of 37.0, 39.0, and 41.0° C were studied.


  5. Status epilepticus and cluster seizures

    • Status Epilepticus: A life threatening situation that is defined as a seizure lasting 5 to 10 minutes or even 20 minutes, which is an estimation of the duration necessary to cause brain damage.


  6. status epilepticus cause brain damage

    • ... the diagnosis of structural brain damage in children with symptomatic epilepsy in the ... could disrupt the white matter tracts and cause a reduction in anisotropy. ... during partial status epilepticus correlated with the cortical areas involved [7


  7. does status epilepticus cause brain damage

    • Status epilepticus is a medical emergency that can eventually cause brain damage.
    • ...status epilepticus can follow convulsive status epilepticus, and is an important treatable cause.


  8. Status epilepticus - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Status epilepticus (often simply called status) is a medical emergency where the brain will not stop having seizures. In medicine, a person who is having status epilepticus is described as being "in status.". Definitions of status epilepticus have changed over time.


  9. What causes status epilepticus?

    • A seizure lasting at least 30 minutes, which may lead to permanent brain damage or death.
    • In children, the main cause of status epilepticus is an infection with a fever. In adults, the common causes include


  10. Preventing Seizure-Caused Damage to the Brain - Neuroscience News

    • Summary: Exosomes isolated from mesenchymal stem cells can limit brain damage caused by status epilepticus, a new study reports.
    • If it is not quickly stopped, even one episode can cause brain damage, loss of cognitive function and memory loss.