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Status epilepticus and cluster seizures


Status Epilepticus: A life threatening situation that is defined as a seizure lasting 5 to 10 minutes or even 20 minutes, which is an estimation of the duration necessary to cause brain damage. However, treatment needs to begin well before 20 minutes has elapsed.

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Cerebral damage induced by status epilepticus.

Neuronal damage and non-convulsive status epilepticus


Non-convulsive status epilepticus can follow convulsive status epilepticus, and is an important treatable cause of persistent coma following convulsive status epilepticus.

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Status epilepticus (SE) is an epileptic seizure of greater than five minutes or more than one seizure within a five-minute period without the person returning to normal between them. Previous definitions used a 30-minute time limit.

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Status epilepticus (often simply called status) is a medical emergency where the brain will not stop having seizures. In medicine, a person who is having status epilepticus is described as being "in status.". Definitions of status epilepticus have changed over time.

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Status epilepticus is a medical emergency that can eventually cause brain damage. Very prolonged seizures can cause organ damage and even death. While a child is in status epilepticus, she is also at risk for breathing failure, choking or aspiration, pulmonary edema, and even death.

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Status epilepticus is a medical emergency. It can cause permanent brain damage or death.

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Convulsive status epilepticus is a medical emergency. An estimated 42,000 deaths and thousands more instances of brain damage per year follow episodes of status.

What Causes Status Epilepticus Seizures?


A continuous state of seizure can cause profound changes within your dog or cat's body that can become life-threatening in a short period of time. Within an hour, brain cells will begin to die and irreparable brain damage may occur. What Causes Status Epilepticus Seizures?

Status epilepticus: pathophysiology and management in


Several prognostic factors are important in predicting outcome of status epilepticus: cause, age, seizure duration, and response to treatment.

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