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Эпилептический статус — это острое состояние, которое нуждается в ... Simon R.P. Status epilepticus: causes, clinical features and consequences in 98  ...

Нейромониторинг пациентов с внутричерепными ...


Assessments included clinical and neurological examination, NIHSS (National Institute of ... most of patients had signs of disorganized electrical activity, with no regional differences, ..... Causes and consequences of status epilepticus in adults .

Детский церебральный паралич и эпилепсия: эпидемиология и ...


The role of etiological factors, impact of genetic factors and metabolic causes ..... Minakami H. Clinical features of abruptio placentae as a prominent cause of .... of mitochondrial disease causing epilepsy and status epilepticus // Epilepsy ...

Эпилепсия у пациентов старшей возрастной группы ...


Among the causes of epilepsy in elderly patients, there is a predominance of acute ... elderly since the diversity and features of its clinical manifestations in these patients, ..... Nonconvulsive status epilepticus in the elderly: a case-control study. ... Lipton R.B. Seizures in the elderly: impact on mental status, mood and sleep.

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an impact factor. In 2015, the .... Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency – the real cause of “family curse”. A case report. ... hood, clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis ..... status epilepticus: video-EEG recording of one patient.

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1 фев 2017 ... and candidate of sciences Impact factor on ... AND ITS MANIFESTATIONS ... GBUZ Moscow Clinical Research Center of Moscow City Health Department, ...... vulsive status epilepticus: causes, therapy, and outcome in.



... and/or motor functions deteriorate as a consequence of epileptic activity, which consists of ... The clinical and EEG characteristics of these conditions depend on the age of onset, and ... Age onset: < 6 months; Etiology: idiopathic, cryptogenetic ; Epileptic Seizures → Motor features .... ELETRICAL STATUS EPILEPTICUS

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Disorders of the Health Care Institution Central Pediatric Clinical Hospital of the Federal .... Epilepsy with electrical status epilepticus during slow-wave sleep with a focus ... The impact of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system hormones on epileptogenesis . ..... mesial temporal lobe epilepsy defined by specific etiology.

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Limbic Encephalitis of Herpesvirus Etiology ... the description of a clinical case demonstrated a classic example of limbic encephalitis infectious etiology. ... netically proved the impact of the virus on the receptor apparatus of glia with the disorder of the ...... virus 6 and 7 in febrile status epilepticus: The FEBSTAT study. — Pub ...

Постинсультная эпилепсия: предикторы, факторы риска ...


1Interregional Clinical Diagnostic Center; 2Kazan State Medical University, Kazan. Cerebrovascular ... статуса в остром периоде ишемического инсульта [ 36–40]. ..... Luhdorf K., Jensen L.K., Plesner A.M. Etiology of ... and predictors of early seizures and status epilepticus ... NINDS Stroke Data Bank: historical features.

Aminoff M.J. und Simon R.P. Status epilepticus. Causes, clinical...


Causes, clinical features and consequences in 98 patients.

status epilepticus. causes clinical features and consequences...


Causes and consequences of status epilepticus in adults.

Status Epilepticus Clinical Presentation: History, Physical...


Status epilepticus. Causes, clinical features and consequences in 98 patients.

Medline ® Abstract for Reference 125 of 'Convulsive status...


Status epilepticus. Causes, clinical features and consequences in 98 patients.

Types of Status Epilepticus | 1.2. Clinical Manifestations: Duration


Clinical and EEG features of status epilepticus in comatose patients. Neurology 1992;42:100–104. 29. Krishnamurthy KB, Drislane FW.

Diagnosis and treatment of status epilepticus on a


Status epilepticus: its clinical features and treatment in children and adults.

Status epilepticus: pathophysiology and management in


123 Meldrum BS. Endocrine consequences of status epilepticus. Adv Neurol 1983; 34: 399–403. 124 Dwyer BE, Wasterlain CG.

Review articles | what is status epilepticus?


Status epilepticus: causes, clinical features and consequences in 98 patients. Am J Med 1980;69:657-66.

Refractory Status Epilepticus: Epidemiology, Clinical Aspects...


Neurology 2000; 55: 693-697. 22. Aminoff MJ, Simon RP. Status epilepticus: causes, clinical features and consequences in 98 patients.

Clinical features, proximate causes, and consequences of


81 Clinical Features, Causes, and Consequences of Epilepsy. [21.5%] vs. 65/360 [18.1%]; p = 0.033), but in similar pro-portions in those with focal and generalized ACE (p = 0.310). Status epilepticus Information about status epilepticus was obtained from.


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