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  1. Status epilepticus in children | DEFINITION AND CLASSIFICATION

    • Definition and classification. Status epilepticus is classified as either convulsive or non-convulsive.
    • ATOTW 248 – Status Epilepticus in Children. 30/01/2012. Page 1 of 5. Sign up to receive ATOTW weekly - email [email protected]


  2. Status Epilepticus | Epilepsy Foundation

    • Treatments of Status Epilepticus and Cluster Seizures: Available and Emerging Therapies.
    • Definition of Refractory Seizures. Epidemiology and Difficult-to-Treat Epilepsies.
    • 2012 Epilepsy Pipeline Update Conference Webcasts.


  3. Status Epilepticus

    • Status epilepticus is defined as: continuous seizure activity for 5 minutes or more without return of consciousness, or.
    • Refractory status epilepticus. definitions vary.
    • Neurocritical care 17.1 (2012): 3-23 PMID: 22528274 [free full text].


  4. Medical Definition of Status epilepticus

    • home > medterms medical dictionary a-z list > status epilepticus definition.
    • Status epilepticus: An epileptic seizure that lasts more than 30 minutes; a constant or near-constant state of having seizures.


  5. Status epilepticus | Definition

    • One of the most common neurologic emergencies New definition of status epilepticus should.
    • ƒ Seizure continuing after 30 min of treatment above. Ferlisi M et al. Brain 2012. Definition. ►Super-refractory status epilepticus.


  6. Non-Convulsive Status Epilepticus (NCSE) | LITFL • Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog

    • Definition. Non-Convulsive Status Epilepticus (NCSE) is persistent (e.g. >30 minute) change in behaviour and or mental processes from baseline associated with continuous epileptiform EEG changes but without major motor signs.


  7. status epilepticus definition 2012

    • Definition & Background Status epilepticus (SE) presents in a multitude of forms, dependent on etiology and patient age (myoclonic, tonic, subtle, tonic-clonic, absence, complex partial etc.).


  8. Status epilepticus | Define Status epilepticus at Dictionary.com

    • Status epilepticus definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation.
    • Nearlyallvictimsofsevere,confirmedepilepsy(25percentofallepileptics)diein statusepilepticus .


  9. Underestimated Rate of Status Epilepticus according to the Traditional Definition of Status Epilepticus

    • This retrospective study evaluates the difference in diagnosis of SE between operational definition and traditional definition of status epilepticus. Between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2014, patients discharged with ICD-9 codes for epilepsy (345.X) in...


  10. Status epilepticus

    • 7. Definition • The first definition of Status Epilepticus came from Clark and Prout as “ maximal development of epilepsy in which seizures are so frequent that coma and exhaustion are continuous between seizures.” •


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