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Status Epilepticus

Definition & Background Status epilepticus (SE) presents in a multitude of forms, dependent on etiology and patient age (myoclonic, tonic, subtle, tonic-clonic, absence, complex partial etc.).

Status Epilepticus

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Status epilepticus

The first definition can be impractical, as emergency treatment measures should be taken well before the 30-minute time-line (and many

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Status epilepticus is said to occur when a seizure lasts too long or when seizures occur close together and the person doesn't recover between seizures. Just like there are different types of seizures, there are also different types of status epilepticus.

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Status epilepticus in children | DEFINITION AND CLASSIFICATION

Dr Siobhan Cavanagh, Dr Tim Liversedge Great Ormond Street Hospital Correspondence to QUESTIONS.

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Status epilepticus. Definition. Status epilepticus is a term describing a state of continuous seizure activity. In the past, 30 minutes of continuing seizure or frequent attacks that prevent recovery was required for the definition of status to be met.

Status Epilepticus

Classification The definition of status epilepticus encompasses a wide variety of clinical conditions, and several classification schemes have been proposed.

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