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  1. Status Epilepticus

    • Refractory status epilepticus. definitions vary. seizure activity which fails to respond to first-line antiepileptic therapies (see below).
    • Nair PP, Kalita J, Misra UK. Status epilepticus: why, what, and how.


  2. Status epilepticus in children | DEFINITION AND CLASSIFICATION

    • Dr Siobhan Cavanagh, Dr Tim Liversedge Great Ormond Street Hospital Correspondence to siobhan.cavanagh@gosh.nhs.uk QUESTIONS.
    • Definition and classification. Status epilepticus is classified as either convulsive or non-convulsive.


  3. Medical Definition of Status epilepticus

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    • Status epilepticus: An epileptic seizure that lasts more than 30 minutes; a constant or near-constant state of having seizures.


  4. status epilepticus : definition of status epilepticus and synonyms of status epilepticus (English)

    • definitions - status epilepticus. report a problem.
    • Simple partial status epilepticus consists of persistent motor, sensory, or autonomic seizures that do not impair cognition (see also EPILEPSIA PARTIALIS CONTINUA).
    • References. ^ Nair, PP; Kalita, J, Misra, UK (2011 Jul-Sep).


  5. Emergency treatment of acute seizures and status epilepticus | Archives of Disease in Childhood

    • Definitions.
    • In the UK, status epilepticus (defined as a 30 minute episode) is an infrequent occurrence. For example, Verity et al reported in 19939 that only 37 of 14 676 children from a long term cohort study had an episode of status epilepticus by their 10th birthday.


  6. Scientists give status epilepticus new definition and treatment guidelines for emergency care

    • Status epilepticus given new definition.
    • An International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) task force has developed a proposed new definition of status epilepticus (SE) that puts into a framework what has been the practice for years.


  7. status epilepticus definition uk

    • (Royal Society, UK) 2013, v.15, p. ... (RSC, UK), 2008, p.2112-2114. .... Influence of hypothalamic stimulation on the development of status epilepticus in rats. .... Chkadua G., Kometiani Z. Definition of main power parameters of enzyme velocity ...


  8. PPT - Status Epilepticus-Definition PowerPoint Presentation - ID:633803

    • Status Epilepticus-Definition. 1. Major motor (convulsive) status Three(3) seizures uninterrupted by consciousness or a single prolonged seizure greater than 1/2 hour. Related searches for Status Epilepticus-Definition.


  9. Definition of status epilepticus

    • Definition of status epilepticus. In early studies, SE was defined by its duration—that is, as continuous seizures occurring for longer than 1 hour.
    • Misra UK, Kalita J, Patel R. Sodium valproate vs phenytoin in status epilepticus: a pilot study.


  10. What does status epilepticus mean? | Definitions & Translations

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