Status Epilepticus in Dogs and Cats

Status epilepticus is defined as a continual or persistent state of seizure. Seizures in dogs and cats, in most instances, only last a short period of time.

Canine Epilepsy FAQ

In dogs less than one year of age, the most commonly-found causes of seizures can be broken down into the following classes: degenerative (storage diseases)

Status epilepticus research | Underlying cause

Underlying cause. A case-controlled cohort study evaluating 50 dogs with generalised convulsive SE found 28% of the dogs were diagnosed with primary

Localized (focal) status epilepticus (repeated...

Seizures (Convulsions, Status Epilepticus) in Dogs.

What causes status epilepticus?

What is status epilepticus? A seizure involves abnormal electrical activity in the brain affecting both the mind and the body. Many problems can cause you to have a seizure. These include high fever, brain infections, abnormal sodium or blood sugar levels, or head injuries.

Status epilepticus and cluster seizures

PLEASE NOTE: The following are "textbook" definitions of status epilepticus and cluster seizures. Since every dog is different and every seizure can be different, we have

Status Epilepticus

Status epilepticus is generally defined as a single or multiple seizures lasting greater than 30 minutes. If appropriate therapy is delayed, SE can cause permanent neurologic sequela or death, so you should assume that any child who presents actively convulsing is in status epilepticus.

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Status epilepticus, or epilepsy, is a neurological condition that results in recurrent seizures in dogs.

Status Epilepticus | Epilepsy Foundation

Seizure Dogs.

Status Epilepticus Facts, information, pictures | Causes and symptoms

However, status epilepticus has many causes, some of which are the same as causes of seizures in general. In infants, status can occur in the setting of perinatal hypoxia or anoxia (low oxygen or lack of oxygen) that injures the brain.

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