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Status Epilepticus in Dogs and Cats


Curious Whippet. Getty/Photodisc/Image Source. By Lorie Huston, DVM. Veterinary Medicine Expert. By Lorie Huston, DVM. Seizures in dogs and cats are a common sign of neurological disease. They can also be caused by non-neurological conditions that affect the brain.

What is status epilepticus?


Seizures are one of the most frequently reported neurological conditions in dogs. Our Veterinarians review the causes, symptoms and treatments of seizures in dogs.

Status epilepticus and cluster seizures


PLEASE NOTE: The following are "textbook" definitions of status epilepticus and cluster seizures. Since every dog is different and every seizure can be different, we have

Status epilepticus


Myoglobinuria may cause renal dysfunction (particularly when accompanied by systemic hypotension). SE can affect any epileptic and is associated with a variety of underlying diseases.

Epilepsy in Dogs: Causes, Signs and Treatments | 2. Status epilepticus


Immediate treatment is necessary because status epilepticus can cause permanent neurological damage or even death. If status epilepticus occurs in your dog, immediately contact your vet for emergency treatment.

Localized (focal) status epilepticus (repeated...


Seizures (Convulsions, Status Epilepticus) in Dogs.

Dog Seizure Symptoms | petMD | Status Epilepticus in Dogs


Status epilepticus, or epilepsy, is a neurological disorder that causes dogs to have sudden, uncontrolled and recurring seizures. These physical attacks can come with or without a loss of consciousness.

Status Epilepticus | Epilepsy Foundation


Nonconvulsive Status Epilepticus. This term is used to describe long or repeated absence or complex partial seizures.

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Status Epilepticus: Practice Essentials, Background, Pathophysiology


Focal status epilepticus. Electroencephalograph (EEG) in a patient with epilepsia partialis continua caused by Rasmussen encephalitis before hemispherectomy. The patient had long-standing, intractable partial epilepsy since the first decade of life.


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