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Complex partial status epilepticus (CPSE) is one of the non-convulsive forms of status epilepticus, a rare form of epilepsy defined by its recurrent nature. CPSE is characterized by seizures involving long-lasting stupor, staring and unresponsiveness.

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Status epilepticus (SE) is characterized by epileptic seizures that continue for more than 5 minutes, or the occurrence of more than 1 seizure within a 5-minute period in which the human or animal does not return to “normal” in between seizures.

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DEFINITIONS. Status epilepticus was characterized by Gastaut in 1983 as being present “when an epileptic seizure is so frequently repeated or so prolonged as to create a xed and lasting condition” (Gastaut, 1983).

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Episodes of complex partial status epilepticus are characterized by major alteration in consciousness, lack of recollection for the event associated with stereotypic automatisms, staring, and, in some cases, vocalization or screaming.

Local Status Epilepticus


is a model of local status epilepticus following the interruption of a chronic GABA infusion into the rat somatomotor cortex. GWS is characterized by focal epileptic electroenceph-alographic discharges and associated contra

Management of Status Epilepticus in Children


Status epilepticus is characterized by prolonged or recurrent seizures without a return to baseline. It is a common pediatric neurological emergency with an estimated incidence of 18–23 per 100,000 children per year and a mortality of 2%–7% [1]...

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Seizures, characterized by an acute increase in aberrant electric activity in the brain, may lead to

Treatment of Refractory Status Epilepticus


Established status epilepticus is defined as “an acute epileptic condition characterized by continuous seizures for at least 30 minutes, or by 30 minutes of intermittent seizures without full recovery of consciousness between the seizures” [3].

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Summary Non-convulsive status epilepticus (NCSE) is characterized by continuous or recur-rent, generalized or focal epileptiform activity on the electroencephalogram and diverse clinical symptoms with alterations of mental state and vigilance.

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• ―Seizures‖ are periods of uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain (also known as ―convulsions‖); ―status epilepticus‖ is repeated or prolonged seizure activity. • ―Epilepsy‖—disorder characterized by recurring seizures that originate from the brain • ―Idiopathic epilepsy...


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