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IV Drugs in Status Epilepticus


Treatment of status epilepticus with intravenous medications. Status epilepticus is a medical emergency that usually requires intravenous medication. Medications are given as single IV boluses, or as IV loading doses followed by maintenance doses, or as continuous infusions.

Pediatric Status Epilepticus Medication: Anticonvulsant...


This class of medications has long been used to treat generalized tonic-clonic status epilepticus (GTCSE) and is often mentioned as first-line

Pediatric Status Epilepticus: Practice Essentials, Background, Patient...


Status epilepticus (SE) is defined as a seizure that lasts more than 30 minutes, constituting a neurological emergency.

Management of Status Epilepticus - American Family Physician


Status epilepticus is associated with a high mortality rate that is largely contingent on the duration of the condition before initial treatment, the etiology of the condition, and the age of the patient. Treatment is evolving as new medications become available.

Treatment of Refractory Status Epilepticus


In some children with status epilepticus, seizures persist despite treatment with adequate doses of an initial two or three anticonvulsant medications, and this condition con-stitutes refractory status epilepticus.

Emergency Neurological Life Support | Status Epilepticus


☐ Clinical presentation ☐ Duration of status epilepticus ☐ Relevant Past Medical History and Past Surgical History ☐ Prior medications, medication given so far



RAMPART (the Rapid Anticonvulsant Medication Prior to Arrival Trial) was a double-blind randomized clinical trial to determine if the efcacy of intramuscular (IM) mi-dazolam is noninferior by a margin of 10% to that of intravenous (IV) lorazepam in patients treated by paramedics for status epilepticus...

Treatment of non-convulsive status epilepticus


The medication used to treat status epilepticus is not without adverse effects and can result in hypotension, respiratory depression and, sometimes, cardio-respiratory arrest. This is more so with intravenous administration with its resultant rapid, high serum levels.

First clinical trial for IV levetiracetam in status epilepticus


No other IV medication for seizures shares these features. Lawrence Hirsch report provides justification for continued use of IV Levetiracetam for critically ill patients with seizures especially refractory status epilepticus.

Status Epilepticus - What You Need to Know


Status Epilepticus. Care Notes. Medication List.


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