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  1. status epilepticus protocol 2013

    • (2016) Status epilepticus alters hippocampal long term synaptic .... protocol and a novel window protocol for induction of pentylenetetrazol ...
    • natura catalogo 2013 studio fusion h700 status epilepticus protocol.


  2. Status epilepticus: pathophysiology and management in

    • We review the principles underlying the treatment of status epilepticus and suggest that prehospital treatment is benecial, that therapeutic drugs should be used in rapid sequence according to a dened protocol, and that refractory status epilepticus should be treated with general anaesthesia.


  3. Protocol for Treatment of Status Epilepticus | Epilepsy Foundation

    • Guidelines for Status Epilepticus Treatment. IQ Scores Before and After Status Epilepticus.
    • Information For Health Care Professionals. Protocol for Treatment of Status Epilepticus.


  4. Epilepsies: diagnosis and management | Guidance and guidelines | NICE

    • When the protocol is initiated it is important to consider what pre-hospital treatment has been received and to modify the protocol accordingly. Non-convulsive status epilepticus in adults and children (2004 guideline).


  5. Treatment of Refractory Status Epilepticus: Literature Review and a Proposed Protocol

    • Protocol Suggestions. Regardless of the many uncertainties surrounding re-fractory status epilepticus, children with refractory status epilepticus still need treatment. Treatment delay is asso-ciated with reduced response to medications.


  6. MGH Status epilepticus treatment protocol

    • 1) Generalized convulsive status epilepticus: Use protocol on next page. 2) Non-convulsive status epilepticus by electrographic, electroclinical, or electroradiologic criteria: No strong evidence to guide treatment; decision must be made on a case-by-case basis...


  7. S uper-refractory status epilepticus (SRSE), or seizures

    • Treatment of status epilepticus: an international survey of experts. Neurocrit Care 2013;18:193–200. 11. Shorvon S, Ferlisi M. The treatment of super-refractory status epi-lepticus: a critical review of available therapies and a clinical treat-ment protocol.


  8. Status Epilepticus

    • Status epilepticus is defined as: continuous seizure activity for 5 minutes or more without return of consciousness, or.
    • Shorvon S, Ferlisi M. The treatment of super-refractory status epilepticus: a critical review of available therapies and a clinical treatment protocol.


  9. Management of Status Epilepticus

    • Status Epilepticus. ment protocol. The protocol was based on a literature review and input from expert reviewers and a professional advisory board.4 Figure 14,18 outlines the protocol for the management of status epilepticus.


  10. Management of Status Epilepticus - American Family Physician

    • Physicians should rely on a standardized protocol for management of status epilepticus to improve care for this neurologic emergency.
    • consensus protocol devised by the Epilepsy Foundation of America (EFA) Working Group on Status Epilepticus.