Treatment of Refractory Status Epilepticus

Treatment of Refractory Status Epilepticus: Literature Review and a Proposed Protocol. Nicholas S. Abend, MD*. † and Dennis J. Dlugos, MD, MSCE*.

BCCH Status Epilepticus Guideline

Status epilepticus: A single epileptic seizure >30 minutes OR Recurrent epileptic seizures without recovery to baseline level of consciousness lasting over a period >30 minutes. A child seizing >5 minutes when seen in the ED should be treated as for status epilepticus.

Emergency Neurological Life Support | Status epilepticus terminated

If status epilepticus has still not halted. If the patient is still convulsing despite benzodiazepines, phenytoin or valproate loading, and then third

Status Epilepticus

Status epilepticus is generally defined as a single or multiple seizures lasting greater than 30 minutes. If appropriate therapy is delayed, SE can cause permanent neurologic sequela or death, so you should assume that any child who presents actively convulsing is in status epilepticus.

‘Status Epilepticus’)

Title: Revised. ALS Protocol 513: Seizures (formerly titled. ‘Status Epilepticus’). Issue Date: November 13, 2003.

The treatment of super-refractory status epilepticus: a critical... | Brain

A protocol and flowchart for managing super-refractory status epilepticus is suggested. In view of the small number of published reports, there is an urgent need for the establishment of a database of outcomes of individual therapies.

Appendix C Protocol for treating status epilepticus in Free pdf...

Published on : January 27th, 2015 File Name : appendix c protocol for status epilepticus first consultation2 File Type : PDF File Size : unknown Publisher : Downloads : 3. Share this link.

Status epilepticus treatment guidelines - Kälviäinen - 2007 - Epilepsia...

They published guidelines and a treatment protocol (EFA Working Group on Status Epilepticus, 1993), which was based on a literature review and input from expert reviewers and a professional advisory board.

Status epilepticus: pathophysiology and management in adults

We review the principles underlying the treatment of status epilepticus and suggest that prehospital treatment is benecial, that therapeutic drugs should be used in rapid sequence according to a dened protocol, and that refractory status epilepticus should be treated with general anaesthesia.

Convulsive status epilepticus in children: Etiology, treatment protocol...

The treatment protocol (Ege Pediatric Status Epilepticus Protocol or EPSEP) was developed based on an operational definition of pediatric SE according to the duration of seizure activity.

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