Guidelines for the evaluation and management of status epilepticus.

Many management decisions lack prospective randomized controlled trials upon which static epilepticus (SE) treatment recommendations can be based.

Status epilepticus treatment guidelines - Kälviäinen - 2007...

They published guidelines and a treatment protocol (EFA Working Group on Status Epilepticus, 1993), which was based on a literature review and input from expert reviewers and a professional advisory board.

Guidelines for the Evaluation and Management of Status Epilepticus

Keywords Status epilepticus Á Seizure Á Guideline Á EEG Á Antiepileptic treatment. Introduction. Status epilepticus (SE) requires emergent, targeted treat-ment to reduce patient morbidity and mortality.

Status Epilepticus: Do Treatment Guidelines Make Sense?

Recent European and North American guidelines on management and treatment of status epilepticus strongly recommend prompt treatment to prevent further complications. At present, following a staged treatment protocol is recommended.

Guideline for the management of convulsive status epilepticus...

Manage-ment of status epilepticus in infants and children prior to pediatric ICU admission: Deviations from the current guidelines.

Status epilepticus treatment guidelines.

Although aggressive pharmacological treatment of status epilepticus is well established in the emergency department and hospital settings, the relative risks and benefits of active therapy for status epilepticus in the prehospital setting are not known.

Guidelines for Status Epilepticus Treatment | Epilepsy Foundation

Information For Health Care Professionals. Guidelines for Status Epilepticus Treatment.

Status epilepticus treatment guidelines

Standardized guide-lines are believed to improve the quality of emergency care and outcome. History of the status epilepticus guidelines. Guidelines for phenytoin infusion The treatment of SE in the 1970s involved administering.

Guidelines for the Evaluation and Management of Status Epilepticus

Status epilepticus (SE) treatment strategies vary substantially from one institution to another due to the lack of data to support one treatment over another. To provide guidance for the acute treatment of SE in critically ill patients...

4. management of status epilepticus

STATUS EPILEPTICUS MANAGEMENT V2.2 (Amended March 2013) ISSUE DATE: NOVEMBER 2011. Page 2 of 6 review date: november 2014. 5. treatment guidelines for status epilepticus in adults.

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