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Guidelines for the Evaluation and Management of Status Epilepticus


Keywords Status epilepticus Á Seizure Á Guideline Á EEG Á Antiepileptic treatment. Introduction. Status epilepticus (SE) requires emergent, targeted treat-ment to reduce patient morbidity and mortality.

Treatment of non-convulsive status epilepticus


Although non-convulsive status epilepticus includes a number of very different conditions, these forms of status epilepticus share two important qualities: difficulty in making the diagnosis, and uncertainty about the best mode of treatment.

New Guideline for Treatment of Prolonged Seizures in Children...


American Epilepsy Society issues guideline and treatment algorithm for convulsive status epilepticus. CHICAGO, February 9, 2016 – Status epilepticus – continuous or rapid sequential seizure activity for 30 minutes or more...

Status Epilepticus Treatment & Management: Approach...


Treatment. Approach Considerations. Both generalized tonic-clonic status epilepticus (SE) and subtle SE must be treated aggressively.

Status Epilepticus | Epilepsy Foundation | New Guidelines Released


2015 Epilepsy Pipeline Community Conference. Twenty-20s Epilepsy Awareness Group.

Consensus Guidelines on Management of Childhood Convulsive Status


Objective: To provide consensus guidelines on evaluation and management of convulsive status epilepticus in children in India (excluding neonatal and super-refractory status

Treatment Guideline


Spanish Guidelines for Management of Epilepsy The Spanish Society of Neurology's official clinical practice guidelines for epilepsy - 2015.

Treatment of status epilepticus – a narrative


Randomised controlled studies of the treatment of status epilepticus (SE) are difficult to perform due to ethical reasons. Therefore, the evidence for treatment guidelines is mainly based on observational studies, case series, case reports, and retrospective database analyses.

New-onset refractory status epilepticus


Treatment, complications, and outcome of new-onset refractory status epilepticus.

Drug-induced EEG pattern predicts effectiveness of ketamine...


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