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  1. Treatment of Refractory Status Epilepticus

    • In some children with status epilepticus, seizures persist despite treatment with adequate doses of an initial two or three anticonvulsant medications, and this condition con-stitutes refractory status epilepticus.


  2. Guideline for the management of convulsive status epilepticus in infants and children

    • Causes of status epilepticus in children It is important to consider the under-lying cause of status epilepticus. The cause will guide the investigations, may require immediate treatment, and has a major influence on the progno-sis.


  3. Status epilepticus in children | Emergency drug treatment Hypoglycaemia is treated with 2ml/kg 10% dextrose

    • Status epilepticus in children anaesthesia tutorial of the week 248.
    • Irrespective of the aetiology of CSE, treatment priorities in any child presenting with a seizure lasting more than 5 minutes are listed below.


  4. Guideline for the management of convulsive status epilepticus in infants and children | BC Medical Journal

    • Children treated more aggressively and those with shorter episodes of status epilepticus have been found less likely to develop neurological deficits. ABSTRACT: Convulsive status epilepticus is a medical emergency requiring early and effective treatment.


  5. Guidelines for treating convulsive status epilepticus in children (published in 2011)

    • The original guidelines for the treatment of convulsive status epilepticus (CSE) were published in 2000.
    • Also, they do not cover children who have frequent episodes of CSE for whom an individually tailored guideline is the best option as their seizures may respond better to specific treatments than...


  6. Status Epilepticus Treatment & Management: Approach Considerations, Prehospital Care, Emergency Department Care

    • Treatment of Convulsive Status Epilepticus in Children and Adults: Report of the Guideline Committee of the American Epilepsy Society.


  7. Pediatric Status Epilepticus Treatment & Management: Approach Considerations, Prehospital Care, Patient Stabilization

    • Most children with an episode of SE should be admitted for inpatient observation, evaluation, and treatment. Any child with persistent altered mental status (despite cessation of seizure activity) or with prolonged status epilepticus should be admitted to a pediatric critical care unit.


  8. Treatment of tonic-clonic status epilepticus

    • The mortality of status epilepticus is about 20%, most patients dying of the underlying condition rather than the status epilepticus itself or its treatment. Permanent neurological and mental deterioration may result from status epilepticus, particularly in young children...


  9. Emergency treatment of acute seizures and status epilepticus | Archives of Disease in Childhood

    • with established standards, it has been recommended as one of the first line agents for status epilepticus for the above reasons.27 One preliminary study25 compared lorazepam with diazepam for the treatment of acute convulsions and status epilepticus in 102 children in a prospective, open...


  10. Status Epilepticus and Acute Repetitive Seizures in

    • Key Words: Epilepsy-Seizures-Status epilepticus-Anticonvulsants-Treatment outcome-Adverse drug re-action-Brain diagnosis-Child-Adolescent-Adult.