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  1. Treatment of Refractory Status Epilepticus

    • † and Dennis J. Dlugos, MD, MSCE*. † Refractory status epilepticus describes continuing sei-zures despite adequate initial pharmacologic treatment.


  2. Status Epilepticus Treatment & Management: Approach Considerations, Prehospital Care, Emergency Department Care

    • Status Epilepticus Treatment & Management. Updated: Feb 19, 2016.
    • Both generalized tonic-clonic status epilepticus (SE) and subtle SE must be treated aggressively.


  3. Status epilepticus - Wikipedia

    Status epilepticus (SE) is a single epileptic seizure lasting more than five minutes or two or more seizures within a five-minute period without the person returning to normal between them. Previous definitions used a 30-minute time limit.


  4. Treatment of impending status epilepticus and of status epilepticus

    • These numbers show that available treatments for status epilepticus are not effective enough; identication of optimum treatments is a substantial challenge for neurologists and scientists.


  5. Management of Status Epilepticus - American Family Physician

    • The treatment of status epilepticus involves the use of potent intravenous medications that may have serious adverse effects.


  6. Guideline for the management

    • Morbidity and mortality More effective treatment of status epilepticus has reduced the mortality rate in children to between 1% and 5%.6-9 However, status epilepticus can be associated with significant...


  7. Status Epilepticus | Epilepsy Foundation

    • This paper detailed the subtypes of status epilepticus, emphasized the high mortality rates of this condition, and summarized the best medical evidence for treatment.


  8. Pediatric Status Epilepticus Treatment & Management: Approach Considerations, Prehospital Care, Patient Stabilization

    • Status epilepticus (SE) treatment should follow a logical sequence of interventions. Every institution dealing with this problem should design a plan, such as the one outlined below...


  9. Guidelines for the Evaluation and Management of

    • Abstract Status epilepticus (SE) treatment strategies vary substantially from one institution to another due to the lack of data to support one treatment over another.


  10. Status Epilepticus: Practice Essentials, Background, Pathophysiology

    • If status epilepticus does not stop, general anesthesia is indicated. Medications used in the treatment of status epilepticus include the following