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  1. subrip forced subtitles only

    • I'm using SubRip to extract "forced" subtitles from DVD rips (VIDEO_TS folder rips, not MKVs etc.) to srt files.
    • Want to rip DVD with only forced subtitle (subtitle when foreign languages are spoken or shown)?


  2. SubRip subtitles support in players - Pagina Web di ale5000

    • SubRip (.SRT) subtitles support in players. Tested on Windows XP SP3 only. Media Player Classic ANSI & UNICODE.
    • Forced line break: \N. Broken.


  3. Forced Subtitles Detection - Page 5 — Plex Forums

    • Of those, subtitles are the only real issue that affects me day to day. The problem for Plex, I think, is that forced subtitles are not always that easy to
    • [Transcoder] Stream #0:13(dan): Subtitle: subrip Oct 07, 2014 20:55:13:061 [10248] INFO - [Transcoder] Stream #0:14(dut): Subtitle: subrip Oct 07...


  4. SubRip 1.56.1 Download Free - VideoHelp | How to convert DVD or sub/idx to text srt subtitles?

    • Software > Subtitle > SubRip 1.56.1. Help us keep the list up to date and submit new video software here.
    • - Fixed a bug that caused some matrix glyphs to be accidently marked as 'temporary junk' after a FindMatrix operation (in GUI mode only).


  5. Ripping subtitles from hardsubbed video with SubRip - DivXLand.org

    • SubRip can be used to extract the subtitles as text, as well as save them as bitmaps for later removal.
    • Normally, SubRip only moves forward, but it occasionally needs to seek to the first frame of a subtitle after changing the detection settings.


  6. Rip subtitles with SubRip - AfterDawn: Guides

    • SubRip is nice little tool that allows us to convert imagemap-only subtitles that are on DVD discs into pure text format, which will take only couple of kilobytes of space after completed.


  7. Found the subtitles but they are not the right ones [Archive] - Doom9's Forum

    • If you only want to rip the forced subtitles, in subrip try ticking the "forced subtitle only" box under options -> global options. The problem is that there are no forced subtitles. Only the full english and french streams.


  8. www.makemkv.com • View topic - Extracting subtitles | Forum

    • I'm using SubRip to extract "forced" subtitles from DVD rips (VIDEO_TS folder rips, not MKVs etc.) to srt files.
    • This seems to be going well, but is there a Blu-ray version of SubRip as it only allows vobs, ifos etc. to be opened.


  9. The SRT or Subrip subtitle format [VisualSubSync]

    • The Subrip subtitle format takes its origin from the program of the same name. Subrip is a program to rip and convert DVD subtitles in a text format through an OCR process. As it's a text based format, you can open and edit it, not only with VSS, but with any text editor.


  10. Ripping Subtitles Problems - Subrip, DVDSubEdit, Subtitle Creator [Archive] - Doom9's Forum

    • After ripping the subtitle, how can I put it back into the DVD movie. I just want to add 1 or 2 [OPTIONAL NOT FORCED] subtitle streams only.
    • I’m having problems extracting a “100% PERFECT” subtitles file. SUBRIP 1.16 & 1.52 I tried using SUBRIP which uses OCR.