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#1135 (VLC should support forced subs for DVD) – VLC


VLC should support forced subtitles. e.g. have for each language an additional entry "forced only" in subtitle selection.

12.04 - How to force subtitles in VLC to display at bottom - Ask Ubuntu


I need some help in forcing subtitles to be displayed at the bottom(to be exact, in those black bars).

Rip DVD including subtitles using vlc | Forum


Basically, with vlc you have to manually turn the subtitles on at every point where forced subtitles are in the original. Also, in the rip the language ID seems to be lost...

How To Change VLC Subtitles Settings


The Force subtitle position refers to changing subtitle position over the video, position

How to Change Subtitle Position in VLC


VLC Media player can easily load any external subtitle like a .srt file while playing videos.

VLC (VideoLAN) - BUG? Forced subtitles of DVD not showing


Forced subtitles of DVD not showing. Hello! I have a problem: I produce a video in 9 different languages.

VLC Streamer Subtitles and Audio Tracks - Hobbyist Software


This doesn't handle subtitles. However - you can force VLC Streamer to play through VLC by tapping on the info button and selecting 'Play in VLC'. Anything else?

What is forced subtitle? How to obtain forced subtitles only...


Both allows for multiple subtitles and forced subtitles when enveloping a whole movie to MKV container. Both VLC player and XBMC show subtitles when playing the MKVs on PC.

How To Completely Disable Subtitles in VLC


Disable Subtitles. Head into the VLC preferences, and then click the All button at the bottom of the screen.

Get Blu-ray to play in VLC player with Forced Subtitle on Mac


This article shows you how to get Blu-ray to VLC player with forced subtitle on Mac, then you can play Blu-ray on VLC player without any problem.


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