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The first and most important thing to remember about Syrian hamsters is ONE HAMSTER ONE CAGE. Although a hamster will almost always be gentle and loving with you, well meaning people think they are lonely, but keep two hamsters together and before long fighting will take place.

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Housing – The Best Cage for a Syrian Hamster


Sunflower Seeds & Peanuts (Give very sparingly as they are high in fat). Housing – The Best Cage for a Syrian Hamster.

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Hamster Cage Finder UK.

House: Syrian hamsters need a house in their cage...


Overgrown teeth: Syrian hamsters can suffer with overgrown teeth that may have to be clipped by a veterinary surgeon. Always make sure there is plenty of gnawing material available.

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It is a suitable cage for Syrian hamsters but not dwarf hamsters due to its larger bar spacing.

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Syrian hamster cages come in three types just like dwarf hamster cages

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A good cage for a Syrian hamster is a cage with a minimum of 360 square inches of floor space.

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