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T-ara N4 is the first official sub-group of South Korean girl group T-ara formed by Core Contents Media, now also known MBK Entertainment, in 2013. The sub-group consists of three (formerly four) members: Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon.

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On July 10th 2013, it was announced that Ahreum left the group / sub-unit to pursue a solo career. New member Dani, officially joined the sub-unit in her place, it was later announced that she will not debut fully in T-ara.

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The members of T-ara N4 talked about their bullying scandal and various other rumors for the fir…

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vickydangnn • Monday, December 16, 2013. since the issue have past and gone. i hope they wouldnt add former t-ara member in front of her cuz it makes me feel bad for t-ara. while she gets all the likes t-ara got all the hate...

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Birth Name: Yang Ji Won Stage Name: Jiwon Birthday: April 5, 1988 Position: Vocalist, Face of The Group Height: 166 cm Weight: 44 kg Hobbies: Watching movies, daydreaming, cooking, reading, jumping rope Specialty: Japanese, Belly dancing Twitter: @ppjwy -She is a former member of T-ARA...

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kei May 16, 2013 at 10:28 PM. poor girls. Kwangsoo doesn't know that T-ara's members are employees, not slaves? he should learn how to respect people that ensure his position.

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Biography. T-ara is a 7 member South Korean girl group, formed and managed by Core Contents Media.

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I love T-ARA the best.Especially are Ji Yeon,Hyomin and Eunjung.But I really surprise when the new member RyuHwayoung go into T-ARA.This September,she is going to debut.We have to welcome and love her. nyssa razak. December 13th, 2013.

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♡ Boram was the first new member to be added to T-ara after two former members, Jiae and Jiwon, quit the group in mid-2009.

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