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6 Things You and Your Partner Should Talk About Every Day


It’s easy to fall into a communication rut in the routine of everyday life, but hey, isn’t isn’t it worth trying a little bit harder to keep your bond a true priority?

talk to your partner everyday


Not necessarily talking on the phone or meeting up everyday, but texting?

Ask a Guy: "In a Serious Relationship, Should You Speak..." | Glamour


Do you think that you need to be having full fledged deep convos every day? I'd reckon that's not necessary, serious relationship or not.

The Number One Thing Couples Should Talk About Everyday


Then, sit down and disclose the responses to your partner: Who or what has impacted you?

While in a relationship, is it normal to not talk or text your partner...


Talk a bit everyday is nice, but not texting every hour. That shows that either you or ur partner has nth better to do other than chatting with u. We all have a life out there.

How to Talk to Your Partner About the Future Without Freaking Them...


Here’s how you should talk to your partner about the future | iStock.com.

How to Talk So Your Partner Will Listen


Featured Topics. Special Report Everyday Faces of PTSD.

20 Conversation Topics for Couples - Talking to your Partner


Ask about your partner’s day after he/she returns home from work.

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TED Talk Tuesday - Drew Dudley "Everyday Leadership".

talk to your partner


You talk to your partner all the time, but do you communicate well? Probably not, a recent study suggests. Researchers at the University of


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