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  1. Conditional (ternary) Operator - JavaScript | MDN

    • The conditional (ternary) operator is the only JavaScript operator that takes three operands. This operator is frequently used as a shortcut for the if statement.


  2. How do you use the ? : (conditional) operator in JavaScript? - Stack Overflow

    ...with convoluted code like this: Var k = a ? (b ? (c ? d : e) : (d ? e : f)) : f ? (g ? h : i) : j; 1 Often called "the ternary operator," but in fact it's just a ternary operator [an operator accepting three operands].


  3. jquery - JavaScript ternary operator example with functions - Stack Overflow

    Heh, there are some pretty exciting uses of ternary syntax in your question; I like the last one the best... X = (1 < 2) ? true : false; The use of ternary here is totally uncessesary - you could simply write.


  4. Ternary Operators - Javascript (JS) Tutorial

    • Ternary Operators. How to use ternary operators in javascript? Explanation. Ternary Operator: As the name indicates ternary operators take three operands.


  5. optimization - Ternary Operators in JavaScript Without an "Else" - Stack Overflow

    Only use ternary expressions when the returned value is to be one of two values (or use nested expressions if that is fitting). Each part of the expression (after ? and after...


  6. javascript - Ternary operation in CoffeeScript - Stack Overflow

    • Coffeescript doesn't support javascript ternary operator. Here is the reason from the coffeescript author: I love ternary operators just as much as the next guy (probably a bit more, actually)...


  7. performance - javascript if/else or ternary operator is faster? - Stack Overflow

    The speed difference will be negligible - use whichever you find to be more readable. In other words I highly doubt that a bottleneck in your code will be due to using the wrong conditional construct.


  8. Javascript Ternary Operator lvalue - Stack Overflow

    The ECMAScript specification (that's the standard version of JavaScript) says that you can't get references (i.e. a l-value) from the conditional operator: 11.12 Conditional Operator ( ? : ).


  9. The Java ternary operator examples | alvinalexander.com

    • A Java ternary operator tutorial, including examples, general syntax, source code, and advanced tips.


  10. This chapter documents all the JavaScript language operators, expressions and keywords.

    • Binary logical operators. Conditional (ternary) operator.
    • ECMAScript Next support in Mozilla. Firefox JavaScript changelog. New in JavaScript 1.1.