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Ubuntu 12.04 + Nvidia - Heavy CPU usage


Short tutorial explaining how to work around the problem of high CPU usage and slow system responsiveness in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

cpuburn: CPU Stress Tester for Ubuntu Linux


But, if you’re looking for a CPU stress testing utility that’s optimized for both Intel and AMD micro processors, then the utility know as “cpuburn” will come in handy.

Test Drive: Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) | Daves Computer Tips


This is on an older machine which has previously been running XP; 1GB RAM, Pentium 4 CPU and 160GB hard drive.

How To Install Ubuntu 12.10 On Non-PAE CPU ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu...


...with a non-PAE Linux Kernel, so by default, you can't install any Ubuntu 12.10 flavour on computers using CPUs that lack PAE support (such as Intel Pentium

Installing Intel CPU OpenCL on Ubuntu 12.04 · GitHub


Intel provides an OpenCL implementation for Intel CPUs, but there's not a lot of instructions on how to get it set up. Here's what I did. Installing Intel CPU OpenCL on Ubuntu (12.04).

11 Tips To Speed Up Computers Running Ubuntu 12.10/12.04/Linux...


To install it on Ubuntu 12.10/12.04/Linux Mint 13, run this command: sudo apt-get install preload.

Ubuntu 12.04 vs Xubuntu 12.04 vs Kubuntu 12.04 vs Lubuntu 12.04...


Ubuntu 12.10 vs Kubuntu 12.10 vs Xubuntu 12.10 vs Lubuntu 12.10. As mentioned in my previous post, tonight I tested all the Ubuntu sisters on my PC from pen drive.

1M QPS with nginx and Ubuntu 12.04 on EC2 | Datacratic


By default, the official Ubuntu 12.04 image available on EC2 do not have SR-IOV enabled.

system installation - How can I install on a non-PAE CPU? - Ask Ubuntu


Ubuntu 12.04.5 and 14.04 support an option ("forcepae") to enable PAE on Pentium M CPUs (where it is disabled by default). To enable it: Boot the 32-bit Ubuntu (or Xubuntu etc.) installer. When the image of the keyboard and little man in circle appears hit the Tab key.

test cpu ubuntu 12 04


CPU Undervolting with Ubuntu 12.04. Hi guys, PHC stands for Processor Hardware Control and, as it's easy to understand, it allows users to customize some features of.


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