Environmental Problems – Экологические проблемы


Environmental Problems – Экологические проблемы. Our environment is constantly changing.

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Kazakhstan or Kazakstan.

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Environmental Problems. Some people say that we should invest money in ecology projects, while others believe that nature is doing well by itself.

реферат - Ecological Problems of Kazakhstan.


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Environmental Problems. The poisoning of the world’s land, air, and water is the fastest-spreading disease of civilisation. It probably produces fewer headlines than wars, earthquakes and floods, but it is potentially one of history’s greatest dangers to human life on earth.

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Перевод на русский язык. Environmental Problems. Загрязнение окружающей среды. Environmental problems have become one of the most urgent problems of modern society. More and more people suffer from air and water pollution.

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Kazakhstan faces several important environmental issues.

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Environmental problems in Kazakhstan "The nature should be protected as we protect human lives” P.I.Tchaikovsky.

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