Тема "Проблемы окружающей среды" (Environmental problems)


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Перевод. Теория. Грамматика.

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Environmental Problems. Some people say that we should invest money in ecology projects, while others believe that nature is doing well by itself.

Environmental problems — Проблемы окружающей среды


All the nations have the same basic environmental problems. In fact the problem of environment crisis has assumed a global proportions.

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Перевод на русский язык. Environmental Problems. Загрязнение окружающей среды. Environmental problems have become one of the most urgent problems of modern society. More and more people suffer from air and water pollution.

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Environmental problems - Проблемы окружающей среды (2). Environmental problems have become exceptionally acute in the country. For a long time too little attention was paid to the environment.

Топик Environmental Problems | Изучение английского языка


Топик Environmental Problems. Our environment is constantly changing, and these changes aren’t always for better.

Environmental Protection. Устная тема по английскому... - SLOVO.ws


The territories of the former Soviet Union are suffering many environmental problems.

Environmental Problems – Экологические проблемы


Environmental Problems – Экологические проблемы. Our environment is constantly changing.

Environmental protection - Защита окружающей среды - топик.


An even greater environmental threat are nuclear power stations. We all know how tragic the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster are. People are beginning to realise that environmenta problems are not somebody else's.

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