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Worldhotel Saltanat Almaty


The Worldhotel Saltanat Almaty Hotel, one of the finest Almaty hotels, is located in the historical and cultural heart of the city, just walking distance from the Central State Museum...

History of Almaty


Following independence, the city's name was altered again, amended in 1993 by the Supreme Council of Kazakhstan from Alma-Ata to Almaty, to reflect more closely the historical name of the original...

Almaty - New World Encyclopedia | History


Almaty (Kazakh: Алматы), Kazakhstan's former capital, is the scientific, cultural, historical, financial and industrial center of Central Asia.

the historical almaty


Almaty (Kazakh: Алматы), Kazakhstan's former capital, is the scientific, cultural, historical

The History of Almaty - Kondor-tour.kz


The History of Almaty. The official history of Almaty begins with the establishment of a military fortress on the Malaya Almatinka River, at the foothills of the Alatau Mountains, in the middle of the...

Almaty - Southern capital of Kazakhstan


Today’s Almaty is the Kazakhstan's largest metropolis, scientific and educational, cultural and historical, economic and financial, banking and industrial center of the country.

The history of Almaty - Almaty


The history of Almaty - general events in city life, history of south capital of Kazakhstan.

Almaty - Wikipedia


Almaty /ˈælməti/ (Kazakh: Алматы, Almatı [ɑlmɑˈtə]; Russian: Алматы), formerly known as Alma-Ata /ˌælmə.əˈtɑː/ (Russian: Алма-Ата) and Verny (Russian: Верный/Verný), is the largest city in Kazakhstan, with a population of 1,703,481 people, containing 9% of the country's total population.

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Archeological history of Almaty. Saki tribes and uisuni tribes, tumuli. Turkic burials.

The museum of history of Almaty - Карта Культуры


...of Vernyi.There are historical materials about development of architecture, trade, culture, industry


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