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  1. History of Astana — Astana.gov.kz | The idea of creation of the new capital of Kazakhstan belongs to the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev.

    • Astana has hosted the historical OSCE Summit, as well as SCO and OIC anniversary summits.
    • The history of Astana and fates of the people of Kazakhstan are inseparable from each other.


  2. History of Astana :: Capital of Kazakhstan Astana history

    • History of Astana Astana - the capital of Kazakhstan.
    • is actually the final choice of the members of the Republican onomastic committee after a meticulous study of all available historical sources.


  3. History of Astana

    • Kazakhstan's archaeologists have devoted much recent attention to establishing a long historical pedigree for Astana, not least to downplay suggestions that the nation's capital may have started its...


  4. Astana History

    • Astana History. Akmola was proclaimed the capital of Kazakhstan on 10th December 1997 by the President of Kazakhstan and the Parliament.


  5. Average Weather in Astana, Kazakhstan, Year Round - Weather Spark

    • There is only a single weather station, Astana International Airport, in our network suitable to be used as a proxy for the historical temperature and dew point records of Astana.


  6. Astana - the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan · New capital – New country · Independent Kazakhstan · History of Kazakhstan · “Kazakhstan History” portal

    • Astana, the origins of which in the long history of brilliant nomadic civilization of the Great Steppe , gradually became the largest metropolis of the Central Asian region .


  7. “Kazakhstan History” portal | Astana in the stream of history

    • Official web-portal about the history of Kazakhstan. Historical facts and credible information from the Stone Age to the present day.
    • "Golden princess" of sarmats in astana.


  8. “Kazakhstan History” portal | Astana – capital of Kazakhstan

    • Astana is the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the symbol of national unity, the quintessence of
    • Hence Kazakhstan will determine its historical destiny in anticipation of the third millennium».


  9. Astana Pro Team - Wikipedia

    Astana Pro Team (UCI team code: AST) is a professional road bicycle racing team sponsored by the Samruk-Kazyna, a coalition of state-owned companies from Kazakhstan and named after its capital city Astana. Astana attained UCI ProTeam status in its inaugural year, 2007.


  10. Astana Street Names Provide Historical Guide for Residents - The Astana Times

    • ...to the Soviet period; the rest had names far removed from the cultural and historical references of
    • In 1961, Tashenov was removed from the office. On May 25, 1999, the Astana Maslikhat (city...