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    • I've used Kerio VPN client at other sites with great success but with both these two machines I keep getting 'VPN Service is not running' error. Macs are running OS 10.7.5 VPN client being installed v.8.2.0. Kerio Control v.8.3.2 build 2261.


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    • To install the Kerio VPN Client, use a corresponding package with the .dmg extension (e.g. kerio-control-vpnclient-7.0.0-1234-mac.dmg).
    • In the system, the installation creates the kvnet0 virtual network adapter and the Kerio VPN Client Service system service (kvpncsvc) which is run...


  3. Kerio: Kerio Control » kerio control service not running in mac

    • hi i have latest version of kerio vpn client installed on my mac 10.8.2 it says kerio vpn client service is not running! tried resintalling several times but no success sorry i know i came wrong section of forum but there was a cookie issue.


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    • VMware bridged mode vs kerio vpn client (2); Пространные рассуждения про VoIP ... Волшебные возможности Mac (0); Проброс портов на D-Link DFL-210 (20) ....
    • Execute 'vpnclient start' to run the SoftEther VPN Client background service.


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    • New in Kerio Control 8.5.0 A MAC address identies devices on a network. Some routers or Internet service providers permit only specic MAC addresses.
    • • error.log, which contains critical errors, such as failure to establish connection to Kerio VPN Client Service.


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    • How do you start and stop Kerio VPN Client programmatically?
    • is there a way to use these commands with the VPN Client in Mac OS?
    • There are 3 executables in the folder, the gui, admin and service - service is obvious, the gui as well and the admin just starts, runs in background, but no...


  7. Kerio VPN | Official Apple Support Communities

    • Kerio VPN Client 8.4.1 is installed and Kerio VPN Client works correctly. No more error about "service is not running"
    • Mac mini Server (Late 2012), OSX Yosemite.


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    • Why Kerio Control does not know the MAC address.
    • Enable these services if you want to create VPN tunnels and/or connect remotely to the local network by using Kerio VPN Client or IPsec VPN clients.


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    • Kerio VPN Client for Windows and Mac OS X is focused in the separate document Kerio VPN Client — User’s Guide.
    • It can be run on one server with other applications and services (such as the communication server Kerio Connect).


  10. cdn.kerio.com/dwn/control/control-9.0.1-547/kerio-control-vpnclient-9.0.1-547-linux.deb.readme

    • Kerio Control VPN Client is a tool for secure connection into a private network running Kerio Control on its Internet gateway.
    • dpkg-reconfigure kerio-control-vpnclient. Alternatively, it is possible to manually edit the configuration file