Mountain ranges and peaks of Kazakhstan

Another large upland of the Kazakh mountains is Dzhungaria Alatau. The longest Jungar Alatau mountain chain is Severnaya, its ranges reach 4560m.

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The highest point of Mugodzhars is Large Boktybay Mount (657 m). The length of the ridge is 450 km from north to south.

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Along its south-eastern border Kazakhstan is surrounded by the peculiar necklace of such mountain ranges as Altay, Saur, Tarbagatay, Dzungarian Alatau, and Tien Shan.

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In the south the largest lake in Kazakhstan - Balkhash - is located.

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Astana is the capital and Almaty (Alma-Ata) is the largest city.


In the mountains, yearly precipitation (largely in the form of snow) averages 150 centimeters (60 inches). The sun shines a great deal in Kazakhstan; on average, the country experiences 260 sunny days in the south

Geography of kazakhstan

Mountains cover less than ten per cent of the territory and are found mainly in the south, the south-east and the east.

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Astana is the capital and Almaty (Alma-Ata) is the largest city.

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In addition, high mountains of Kazakhstan are ideal for winter sports.

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Kazakhstan consists of a vast flatland, bordered by a high mountain belt in the southeast.

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