Rock Art Sites in the Minusinsk Basin

Northern Tien-Shan Mountains (Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan);. 2. .... Sasykol and Alakol in the north, Northern Tien Shan Ranges in the south, ... the highest mountains being Anyrakay (1,180 m), Kulzhabasy (1,178m) and Khantau (1,024 m).

Река Кара Торгай, Улытауский район, Карагандинская область ...

Turtle – the largest mountain in the mountains Bectau-Ata, Karaganda area, Central ... South Kazakhstan region #newyork #london #paris #istanbul #master  ...

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Barnaul (Russian: Барнаул; IPA: [bərnɐˈul]) is a city and the administrative center of Altai Krai, Russia, located at the confluence of the Barnaulka River and the Ob River in the West Siberian Plain. At the end of 2015, the city had a population above 700,000 people, making it the 21st-largest city in Russia. ... Barnaul is the closest major city to the Altai Mountains to the south.

Кони и цветущая степь в районе слияния рек Чарын и Темирлик ...

Turtle – the largest mountain in the mountains Bectau-Ata, Karaganda area, Central ... South Kazakhstan region #newyork #london #paris #istanbul #master  ...

Top 20 Kazakhstan Vacation Rentals, Vacation Homes & Condo ...

This apartment is recommended for the view on the mountains from the balcony on top floor . The Kazakhstan museum of arts is at a walking distance .

General information

Kazakhstan is the world's ninth-largest nation, i.e. is in the top ten of the ... In the East, North and North-West, Kazakhstan borders with Russia (length of border is 6,467 km), in the South – with ... There are several large mountain ranges.

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In terms of the area it is the second largest among the CIS states. ... the desert of Kyzylkum and the mountain range of Tien Shan in the South for some 2,000 km.

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Today the admin istrative, cultural and industrial center of the region is Shymkent, the third largest city in Kazakhstan (420,000 people). South Kazakhstan ...

Боровое с высоты птичьего полета Казахстан. Borovoe Kazakhstan

5 мар 2016 ... Borovoe Kazakhstan When the God created the world, - as legend has it, - one ... 947 m, at the highest point of Kokshetau mountain (Blue Mountain). ... Still to the south are the Shychinskiye hills, the largest of which is called ...

South Ural

... Ural Mountains. Located on the territory of the two countries: Russia and Kazakhstan. ... Iremel is the second largest peak of the Southern Urals. Nearby is a ...

the largest mountains in the south kazakhstan

In the south the largest lake in Kazakhstan - Balkhash - is located.

Mountain ranges and peaks of Kazakhstan

Another large upland of the Kazakh mountains is Dzhungaria Alatau. The longest Jungar Alatau mountain chain is Severnaya, its ranges reach 4560m.

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The highest point of Mugodzhars is Large Boktybay Mount (657 m). The length of the ridge is 450 km from north to south.

The Nature of Kazakhstan | Unique Kazakhstan

Along its south-eastern border Kazakhstan is surrounded by the peculiar necklace of such mountain ranges as Altay, Saur, Tarbagatay, Dzungarian Alatau, and Tien Shan.

Kazakhstan, Its people and nature. Part 2. Nature | Southern region

In the south the largest lake in Kazakhstan - Balkhash - is located.

Petroglyphs of Kazakhstan | Southern Kazakhstan

The largest known and studied petroglyph location in Kazakhstan’s Dzhungarian Alatau-Eshkiolmes-is characterized by a great variety of styles and a rich


The northern forest-steppe lands turn into steppe, half-deserts and deserts in the South. Natural resources: large mineral deposits of oil, gas


In the mountains, yearly precipitation (largely in the form of snow) averages 150 centimeters (60 inches). The sun shines a great deal in Kazakhstan; on average, the country experiences 260 sunny days in the south

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Cities, Lakes & Mountains of Kazakhstan. The largest country in Central Asia - and the ninth largest in the world

Kazakhstan Attractions - Places to Visit, Activities and Events.

The city is situated in southeast Kazakhstan in a beautiful setting between mountains and plains. This largest city of the country boasts modern architecture, wide streets, cool fountains


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