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1) The magnetic force between the two wires is repulsive.

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The force is repulsive when the currents are in opposite directions. The magnetic force per unit length (F/L) between two parallel long wires carrying currents, I1, I2 and separated by a perpendicular distance, d, is given by

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1. To investigate the magnetic force between two current carrying wires.

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To test the theory out, we’ll look at the magnetic force between parallel wires. Suppose we have two parallel wires as shown below

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Check all that apply. a. The magnetic force on the current-carrying wire is strongest when the current is parallel to the magnetic field lines.

Magnetic Force between Two


Magnetic Force between Two Parallel Conductors. Bởi: OpenStaxCollege. You might expect that there are significant forces between current-carrying wires, since

Forces on currents in magnetic fields


The force between two parallel wires. Parallel wires carrying currents will exert forces on each other. One wire sets up a magnetic field that influences the other wire, and vice versa.

Force between two parallel wires


Figure 1.9: Force between two long straight parallel wires. Wire #2 will experience a magnetic field of Eq.(1.6) due to wire #1 given by.

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Magnetism. Magnetic force on current carrying wires. 8. A piece of wire L = 15.0 cm long has a current of I = 3.10 Amperes flowing through it and is sitting in a uniform


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