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Many of the non-Kazakh people of Kazakhstan have met attempts by the Kazakh government to make Kazakh the central, dominant culture of Kazakhstan with great disdain and quiet, nonviolent resistance.

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The population of Kazakhstan has reached the number of 17,948,000 people, according to the data for 01 July 2014. The indigenous population of Kazakhstan are Kazakhs, which draw up 63,1% of the general population of the country.

Chinese people in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstani government first opened a consulate in Urumqi in 1997, it did not even issue visas to local people, but by 2004 it was possible for Chinese people to obtain business visas with an invitation from an organisation in Kazakhstan.[8] Chinese citizens of Kazakh ethnicity do not require visas at all.[9].

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Kazakhstan people nations. Kazakhs are the indigenous inhabitants of the land.

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The number of Chinese people in Kazakhstan is not very clear. There have been various migrations of ethnic minorities from China to Kazakhstan in the 19th and early 20th centuries, such as that of the Dungan people fleeing Qing Dynasty forces after a failed 1862–1877 rebellion in northwest China...

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Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev warned the people of his country that any attempts to repeat the events of the Ukrainian crisis in Kazakhstan would be severely suppressed. The Kazakh President has been staying in power since 1989.

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The people of Kazakhstan became united, mature and strong. However, we are living in a complicated time full of difficulties and contradictions.

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The People of Kazakhstan, Way of Life.

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The people below are listed by their popularity, so the most recognizable names are at the top of the list. Some of the people below are celebrities born in Kazakhstan, while others are simply notable locals.

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They tended to be men of natural authority and their importance in Kazakh society was enormous. Next in importance were the batyrs, or warriors.

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