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Some features of Kazakh people living left a mark on Kazakh style of food cooking. The traditional national Kazakhstan cookery is based on boiling. Exactly boiling helps to cook meat with a lot of delicate tastes, gives it softness and aroma.

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Kazakhstan to South Africa. Food in Kazakhstan - Kazakh Food, Kazakh Cuisine.

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...horse-beef (beshbarmak)kuyrdak(fried) mutton pluck) horce-beef delicatessen(chuzhuk kazy zhal zhaya sheep's milk,cow's milk and the products (katyk kurt irimshik and mater's milk kymyz.Apperance of flour in the kazakh diet renewed the traditional dish...

Beshbarmak - traditional kazakh dish


Beshbarmak means five fingers, as traditionally you would eat it by hand. How to cook besbarmak and other kazakhstan recipes.

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The bread is eaten with the meal, not as dessert, and is usually strewn all over the traditional Kazakh table, which is called destrakan (the word refers more to a table full of traditional food than to an

Traditional Kazakhstan Food


Information about traditional foods in Kazakhstan. Tasting the traditional foods and drinks of a country can be a memorable highlight (or mental scar) for any traveler. Please submit the types of traditional foods that a traveler should try in Kazakhstan.

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Today's Kazakh cuisine includes traditional Kazakh dishes as well as Uzbek, Uigur, Russian, Tatar, Korean dishes that the Kazakhs like.

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Kazakh cuisine is the cuisine of Kazakhstan, and traditionally is focused on mutton and horse meat, as well as various milk products. For hundreds of years, Kazakhs were herders who raised fat-tailed sheep, Bactrian camels, and horses, relying on these animals for transportation, clothing, and food.

Traditional food in Kazakhstan


The theme: Traditional food in Kazakhstan The aims: 1. To introduce pupils the new words, to get information about traditional food in Kazakhstan and the names of national dishes, to teach pupils how to prepare it.

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