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Torrential Tribute 激(げき)流(りゅう)葬(そう). English.

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Torrential Tribute is one of the few cards that can fit in just about any players deck and fill that role just as well as it would in the next deck.

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Tuberculin Tested (cattle). TT. Torrential Tribute (Yugioh cards).

Torrential Tribute

Español. HOME. » Torrential Tribute. Torrential Tribute. Icon Normal Trap. Card Text.

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Using Torrential Tribute to protect yourself. The most common use of Torrential Tribute is to destroy your opponent’s monsters when they’ve got too many on the field.


Torrential Tribute Question - posted in Ruling Questions: Chain 1: i Synchro Summoned blue-eyed Silver dragon, hes context say When this.


Singles » Labyrinth of Nightmare » Torrential Tribute - LON-025 - Ultra Rare - Unlimited. Torrential Tribute is now Semi-Limited - posted in Yu-Gi-Oh!

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This auction is for a YUGIOH TORRENTIAL TRIBUTE SECRET GOOD 1ST ED VARIOUS PACKS. Please note that occasionally we will use stock photos so if you want to be 100% sure on the...

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Torrential Tribute vs. Gravekeeper's Spy: If a facedown Gravekeeper's Spy is attacked, Torrential Tribute cannot be activated in response to the summon of the new monster...

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