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Torrential Tribute 激(げき)流(りゅう)葬(そう). English.

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"Torrential Tribute" cannot be activated because ending the Battle Phase is the last thing to happen.

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Main card page: "Torrential Tribute". Torrential Tribute. Japanese: 激流葬. Kana: げきりゅうそう. Romaji: Gekiryūsō. Translated: Torrential Burial. Anime cards (Galleries: Yu-Gi-Oh!) Gallery. Appearances. Trivia. Lores. Artworks. Names. Mako Tsunami. Summoning categories.

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Tuberculin Tested (cattle). TT. Torrential Tribute (Yugioh cards).

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Torrential Tribute - DB1-EN228 - Ultra Rare - Unlimited Edition. Condition: LP.

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Using Torrential Tribute to protect yourself. The most common use of Torrential Tribute is to destroy your opponent’s monsters when they’ve got too many on the field.

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All Acronyms, Torrential Tribute (Nov.

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Español. HOME. » Torrential Tribute. Torrential Tribute. Icon Normal Trap. Card Text.

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Torrential Tribute vs. Gravekeeper's Spy: If a facedown Gravekeeper's Spy is attacked, Torrential Tribute cannot be activated in response to the summon of the new monster...

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