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Traffic Monsoon VS PayPal – Life's Development


Traffic Monsoon growth causes a concern for PayPal, meet the bout of Traffic Monsoon VS PayPal.

SEC claim Traffic Monsoon is a $207 million dollar Ponzi scheme


Traffic Monsoon stopped paying ROIs earlier this year, with Scoville (right) claiming that Paypal had frozen over $50 million dollars of invested funds. The SEC had filed for a Temporary Restraining Order against Traffic Monsoon and Scoville, which was granted on Tuesday evening.

Case 2:16-cv-00832-JNP | Traffic Monsoon Revenue


Up until February 2016, when PayPal froze the Traffic Monsoon account, Scoville used PayPal almost exclusively to process payments both into and out of Traffic Monsoon. Almost all member funds were kept in PayPal...

Traffic Monsoon Is A Ponzi Scheme SEC Acts - Ethan Vanderbuilt


In my opinion, Traffic Monsoon is running a Ponzi scheme. They are using new money from advertisers to pay previous advertisers.

CNS - SEC Freezes $207 Million 'Pure Ponzi Scheme'


Initially he used PayPal to maintain what he calls a reserve fund, but PayPal froze the Traffic Monsoon account in February. The freeze expired July 11, however, and Scoville immediately began withdrawing money from PayPal, the SEC says.

Traffic Monsoon Scam - Refund Advice | Facebook


Did Amin use Traffic Monsoon money just to prove he had funds available for such a large Bank Loan? Charles has always maintained that PayPal had frozen all of Traffic Monsoons money but how can that be?



Lots of people are calling me every hour with regards to Traffic Monsoon PayPal Problems and issues...Most of the people that are

How I lost $364 with Traffic Monsoon | Traffic Monsoon and Paypal


Recently Paypal froze Traffic Monsoon accounts and all members who bought ad packs using Paypal, lost their sharing positions or to be exact, their sharing positions have been frozen until the time when Paypal releases TM money.

Traffic Monsoon Update – Accused As Ponzi Scheme by SEC


Traffic Monsoon cannot pay all its members what they earn because there is a constant shortage of cash which they cover by constantly selling more and

Traffic Monsoon - Paypal Money Release Date... | Paul G Farmer.com


During the Paypal freeze Traffic Monsoon has improved its customer service by now offering toll free numbers you can call to get assistance right away. It also has 24/6 chat where you can chat will a Traffic Monsoon representative right away.


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