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- The Traffic Monsoon bank was planned before the PayPal limitation. After it was limited, plans continued and it was made known to me after news of the bank was released that an initial deposit was required to complete the plans. With the funds temporarily held by PayPal for 180 days...

Traffic Monsoon Scam

"Are people still earning in Traffic Monsoon? YES! Are people still getting paid instantly?

Traffic Monsoon is in turmoil over PayPal | SUCCEED ONLINE

Their focus was on how quickly Traffic Monsoon grew and the “risk” the growth created for PayPal. They recognize people are saying Traffic Monsoon is a scam simply because PayPal is holding onto funds during this separation stage...

How much of Traffic Monsoons Money is PayPal holding?

I want to share with you all my latest take on my Traffic Monsoon business and how it’s been impacted by PayPal’s decision to withold all of the companies funds inside PayPal which amount to a

Traffic Monsoon Removes PayPal As A Processor

There will be no Traffic Monsoon bank in Dubai. Charles Scoville confirmed that these plans are put on hold. The PayPal funds will be released at the beginning of August. Before this time your adpacks will remain in pending status.

Traffic Monsoon - Is Traffic Monsoon a Scam - News Online Income...

Updated at: 11 Feb 2016:- As per today Traffic Monsoon official announcement from Charles, PayPal promises to send the balance in full within 180 days.

Paypal: Paypal, release our Traffic Monsoon Funds

Traffic Monsoon operates legally, and compliant with all laws and regulations.

Traffic Monsoon Payment Processor Change Update

Paypal is the one that is holding onto Traffic Monsoon’s money and not paying out earnings to Traffic Monsoon members.

Traffic Monsoon – The foundation for your online business

The Traffic Monsoon members who had bought marketing services and revenue sharing positions effectively had their money put on hold. PayPal then decided that they had the right to hold onto these funds for up to 180 days. Why?

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