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    • Traffic Monsoon www.facebook.com - The Traffic Monsoon bank was planned before the PayPal limitation. After it was limited, plans continued and it was made known to ... jylyoi.kz/…ery=traffic monsoon paypal holding funds.


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    • Traffic Monsoon Receivership - Client Home.


  3. Case 2:16-cv-00832-JNP | Scienter 71. Scoville has always been the sole owner and controlling member of Traffic Monsoon. He is the architect of the Traffic Monsoon program.

    • All payments to investors are made out of these funds. 6. On an ongoing basis, Traffic Monsoon and Scoville are violating the antifraud provisions of the federal
    • 20. Scoville uses the reserve fund, which initially was maintained at PayPal Holdings Inc. (“PayPal”), to supplement investors’ profit sharing.


  4. PayPal Sued For Role In Traffic Monsoon Scam - Ethan Vanderbuilt

    • As a result, Traffic Monsoon was holding millions of dollars in an unsecured account without earning any interest on that balance, and all the interest earned by those funds throughout this time was accruing to PayPal itself – a highly atypical source of income for PayPal.


  5. Traffic Monsoon Pending Balances Awaiting PayPal Release - YouTube

    • Why Paypal Dropped Traffic Monsoon and What it Means to the Traffic Monsoon Business Moving Forward - Duration: 10:46.
    • Why Are my PayPal Funds Being Held | PayPal Funds Pending - Duration: 3:46. Coinpressions Review 17,196 views.


  6. Supporter comments · Paypal: Paypal, release our Traffic Monsoon Funds · Change.org

    • Hayes, United Kingdom. 1 yr ago. Paypal, release our Traffic Monsoon Funds.
    • As they are illegally holding on the funds are they going to pay interest?


  7. Петиция · Paypal: Paypal, release our Traffic Monsoon Funds · Change.org

    • Traffic Monsoon operates legally, and compliant with all laws and regulations.
    • We call upon PayPal to immediately remove or decrease the value of held operating funds, so that the financial losses for legitimate advertising members across the world are reduced.


  8. Paypal Froze $61 million dollars of invested Traffic Monsoon Funds

    • As of March 2016, Paypal decided to hold the funds and release them every 180 days. PayPal completely froze Traffic Monsoon’s account on February 11th. The same day Scoville, for the first time, disclosed the fund freeze to Traffic Monsoon affiliates.


  9. Traffic Monsoon Review - Legit Opportunity or Scam?

    • Since PayPal holds on the funds, Traffic monsoon continues to survive. This business has come to stay and more likely to attract Advertisers whose advert will produce results. Traffic monsoon business details is patented.


  10. Traffic Monsoon Archives - Clive Andrews

    • An update from Charles Scoville – CEO for Traffic Monsoon is stating that; While We Wait PayPal Funds.
    • Since payouts weren’t happening and there were delays because PayPal was holding into the funds, it caused people to think wrong things which aren’t true.