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Jason Gardner, Traffic Monsoon's PayPal account manager, gave the following reason for the PayPal limitation, "The reason for PayPal’s decision to part ways with your organization is due to the size of growth in a very short time frame.

Traffic Monsoon PayPal Update November 5th, 2015


Traffic Monsoon has been under investigation by PayPal for many many months.



Lots of people are calling me every hour with regards to Traffic Monsoon PayPal Problems and issues...Most of the people that are calling me are not in my Traffic Monsoon Team... they state they have tried to contact their own sponsor but [...]

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Now we have PayPal protection 180 days on digital products.

Traffic Monsoon Removes PayPal As A Processor


Traffic Monsoon is one of the companies that also successfully came through a big PayPal review but they seem not keen to wait on the next one.

Traffic Monsoon - Paypal verified? - PayPal Community


Re: Traffic Monsoon - Paypal verified? on ‎01-15-2016 07:34 PM. did you manage to get this question answered? im thinking of putting £100k in.

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Traffic Monsoon offers you the choice of paying with PayPal, who protect your money for you in the best way possible online.

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Unfortunately, this transaction isn't protected by Paypal Buyer Protection.

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