US 2015 Trafficking in Persons report - concerns about upgdrading...

Malaysia upgrade in Trafficking in Persons report compromises fight against human trafficking, Malaysian Bar Association.

A Call to Review Evaluation Methods in the Trafficking in Persons...

The 2015 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report has recently come under fire for upgrading the rankings of Malaysia and Cuba. Speculation about the political motives behind these seemingly unwarranted upgrades has highlighted broader challenges plaguing the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking...

US/Malaysia: Letter to Secretary Kerry on Trafficking in Persons...

As you know, there was significant disappointment at the recent upgrade of Malaysia in the 2015 Trafficking in Persons Report expressed by a wide array of civil society actors in the United States, Malaysia, and beyond.

2015 Trafficking in Persons Report: Malaysia Country Narrative

Malaysia’s 2007 Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act (amended in 2010) prohibits all forms of human trafficking and prescribes punishments

Trafficking in Persons Report 2016

The 2016 Trafficking in Persons Report is available in PDF and HTML formats. The PDF is available as a complete one-piece file and as individual sections for easier download. To view the PDF files, you will need to download, at no cost, the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

U.S. Department of State

We write to request clarification on the “significant efforts” that Malaysia has made to merit the upgrading of its status as a Tier III country to the Tier II Watch List in the Department of State’s annual Trafficking in Persons Report released on July 27, 2015.’

Trafficking in Persons Report

The United States is facing criticism after it removed Cuba and Malaysia from the US State Department’s list of the countries categorically failing to respond to widespread human trafficking. Both countries have been upgraded from tier 3 in the 2015 Trafficking in Persons report...

US flip-flop on Trafficking in Persons 2015 Report - Malaysiakini

But one wouldn't expect the same man to flip-flop and up Malaysia to Tier 2 in the State Department’s annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report just to make it

Trafficking in Persons report on Malaysia watered down? | Malaysia

A policeman watches over abandoned human trafficking camp in the jungle close the Thailand border at Bukit Wang Kelian in northern Malaysia May 26, 2015.

Refworld | 2013 Trafficking in Persons Report - Malaysia

United States Department of State, 2013 Trafficking in Persons Report - Malaysia, 19 June 2013, available at: http

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