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  1. trafficking Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    • trafficking meaning, definition, what is trafficking: the activity of buying and selling goods or people illegally
    • Meaning of “trafficking” in the English Dictionary.


  2. traffic Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    • traffic meaning, definition, what is traffic: the number of vehicles moving along roads, or the amount of aircraft, trains, or ships….
    • Meaning of “traffic” in the English Dictionary.


  3. Human trafficking Meaning - YouTube

    Video shows what human trafficking means. A criminal activity in which people are recruited, harboured, transported, bought, or kidnapped to serve an...


  4. What is the meaning of you hit traffic

    • 'You hit traffic' means that in the course of your journey you encountered congestion and delays as the road was very busy with other road users.


  5. Human Trafficking Act, 2005

    • 1. Meaning of trafficking 2. Prohibition of trafficking 3. Provision of trafficked person prohibited 4. Use of trafficked persons prohibited 5. Conveyance in trafficking 6. Duty to inform 7...


  6. Quia - Traffic & Road Sign Test - part 1

    • Test your knowledge on the meanings of traffic and road signs.
    • Driving is a privilege, you are responsible for knowing what all traffic control signs mean.


  7. Foot Traffic

    • Foot traffic is important to many types of businesses, particularly retail establishments, as higher foot traffic can lead to higher sales.


  8. Traffic Predict | Predicting freeway traffic

    • Historical Traffic. Los Angeles - Click for Current. <-Previous Day <-Previous hour Monday 10pm-11pm Sep-04 Next hour-> Next Day->. This is a map of historical traffic over 1 hour of time.


  9. Traffic2Bitcoin : Log In

    Bitcoin Mining Game Generator! Play and earn Bitcoin, Fun and Money...


  10. Sex Trafficking | Warning Signs and Information on Staying Safe

    • Sex Trafficking Checklist. Promises of illegal jobs are a common ploy. Sex traffickers are often willing to pay for their victim to come visit them.