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In Tug The Table, players must drag the entire table as well as their opponent to their side of the screen. At the face of it, it is a simple enough game.

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Please install the Unity Web Player to play Tug the Table!

Tug the Table – Бесплатная игра жанра Экшн


Для игры в Tug the Table необходимо установить Unity Web Player. Скачай Flash Player прямо сейчас.

Tug the Table - A free Action Game


Updates to your web browser Unknown mean that the plugin required to run this game is no longer supported . You can try an alternative game, or change browser to Firefox.

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You need Unity Web Player to play this game.

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The Unity Web Player is not running in the current version of the Chrome Web Browser. Please try another Web Browser, if the problems occur even after an installation of the Unity Player.

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Tug the Table is tagged : Unity3D, 2 players.

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Please install the Unity Web Player to play Tug the Table!

Tug The Table Game - ArcadeCabin.com


(NOTE: If you have downloaded the Unity Web Player, ignore the button below).

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