Twitch is kind of a big deal: Service now has more unique viewers...

I don't know how to put this, but Twitch is kind of a big deal. Anchorman quotes aside, Twitch has more monthly unique viewers than Hulu, offering up 45 million pairs of eyes to the latter service's 30 million.

Here's Why Amazon Paid Almost $1 Billion For Twitch - Business Insider

At 1.8%, it was bigger than Hulu, Amazon, and Facebook in peak traffic. And that's only in the U.S. According to Qwilt, Twitch ranks in the top five video-entertainment sites across the globe. That's huge for a site that's only related to video gaming.

Tech News: Google Buys Twitch | BaDoink Magazine

So far they’re keeping mum about it, but it’s already way bigger than Hulu and HBOGo. Among committed gamers, Twitch is very much respected as a well-run, relatively glitch-free video-sharing site and community.

Wall Street Journal

more total Internet bandwidth than Hulu or Facebook.

Watch the latest Video on IMDb

Watch the latest Video on IMDb...

or online with Hulu.

Twitch ranked 4th in peak internet traffic, ahead of Valve, Facebook...

Video streaming platform Twitch produced more peak traffic than some of the most popular websites and online services in the world, including Facebook, Amazon, Pandora, Tumblr, Hulu, and Valve. ahead of Facebook in peak traffic

Higher than giants such as Hulu, Amazon, Facebook, Tumblr and Valve. It’s important to remember that sites like Twitch that have video streaming services use much more bandwidth than sites like Facebook.

Twitch sucks up more peak traffic than Hulu and Facebook

Following Twitch’s record-breaking 2013, the San Francisco video game streaming company can now count itself among the top tier of American tech companies. Twitch produces more peak traffic than Hulu, Facebook, Valve, Amazon, Pandora, and Tumblr...

Oculus VR is getting Twitch streaming soon, Netflix today

The biggest one, Netflix is going to launch an app "in about 20 minutes", but Twitch, Hulu, Vimeo and more are going to be right behind it.

Watching Games A Bigger Draw Than Expected

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