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Error Unresolved dependency field_collection_uuid (Missing) WetKit WET-BOEW requires this module.

Unresolved dependency uuid (Missing) | Drupal.org


When the database upgrade part took place I got the next error message: Unresolved dependency: uuid(Missing) Menu Token requires this module. Probably some part of Menu token needs to be present or needs to be update also ?

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Unresolved dependency content_migrate (Missing). AnreeChess. Версия Drupal

Unresolved Dependencies


Unresolved Dependencies. If any of the objects in your migration package depend on resources that are not included in the package, those missing resources are listed in the Dependency column.

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I Tried updating 2 different sites and both gave error messages saying "Unresolved dependency" missing from different modules. The pages no longer load on the site saying. Fatal error: Call to undefined function libraries_load().

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Do you have this bundle installed in your container (Felix) as well? <dependency> <. GroupId>org.hibernate</groupId> <. ArtifactId>hibernate</artifactId> <.

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Subject: [play-framework] [2.1-RC1] unresolved dependencies. Date Index Thread: Prev Thread Index.

Bug 576296 – xfsprogs-devel is missing uuid/uuid.h dependency


xfsprogs-devel is missing uuid/uuid.h dependency. Last modified: 2010-05-10 19:50:08 EDT.

Unresolved dependency error during deploying ap... | SCN


I was trying to deploying composite applications on AS Java of Netweaver CE trial version and encountering the Unresolved dependency error.

Understanding the ‘unresolved constraint’, ‘missing requirement...


Home > development, osgi > Understanding the ‘unresolved constraint’, ‘missing requirement’ message from Apache Felix.

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