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V (named vee /ˈviː/,) is the 22nd letter in the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet. The letter V comes from the Semitic letter Waw, as do the modern letters F, U, W, and Y. See F for details.



This is Rizzo and Yolanda. Please don’t tell them about what happened to rats on V. Watch The Muppets ABC tonight 8|7c!

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3. The 22nd in a series. 4. Something shaped like the letter V.

V — значит вендетта (фильм) — Википедия


«V — значит Вендетта» (англ. V for Vendetta) — германо-американский художественный фильм в жанре антиутопии, экранизация одноимённого графического романа Алана Мура, осуществлённая Дж.

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Users of the board are commonly referred to as /v/irgins. History.

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"Who can tell me the 22nd letter of the alphabet?" "V," thought Rondi.

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The first 8 minutes of the new V series that will start to air on ABC on November 3, 2009 have been released just to tease us all

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The background and identity of V is largely unknown. He is at one point an inmate at the infamous "Larkhill Resettlement Camp", one of, if not the worst of many concentration camps where political prisoners, homosexuals, Jews, Pakistanis...

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Check out the latest Tweets from V (@v).

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