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  1. Visual Basic .NET | Free source code, tutorials and articles

    • Visual Basic .NET. Hospital ERP System Using VB .NET.
    • Advance Online Voting System. Custom Progress Bar Control. Video Rental Database..Visualbasic / ms Access. Manage SQL Server scripts from MS Access 2010.


  2. software-solutions-online.com/?p=1978

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    • VBA Converting Data Types, Converting String to Double.


  3. Learn Visual Basic

    • Consult the Microsoft Visual Basic Programmer’s Guide and Microsoft Visual Basic Language Reference Manual for detailed reference information. The notes refer to several software and hardware products by their trade names.


  4. Visual Basic Arrays Tutorial

    • This tutorial applies to all versions of Visual Basic, however, versions before Visual Basic 6.0 do not include the split and join function. Below is a list of the major topics that will be discussed.


  5. Visual Basic 6.0

    • He created the popular online Visual Basic Tutorial at www.vbtutor.net in 1996 and since then the web site has attracted millions of visitors and it is one of the top searched Visual Basic Tutorial website in many search engines including Google.


  6. Teach Yourself Visual Basic 5 in 24 Hours

    • Visual Basic Database Basics. File Concepts.
    • Visual Basic supports several ways you can store and retrieve information to and from disk files. This section introduces several new file-related terms.


  7. Visual Basic Runtimes | Home of Karen's Power Tools, programs for Windows

    • Before you can install or run a program written in Visual Basic, you must first install the "Visual Basic Runtime". A runtime need only be installed once. Its files are then shared by every VB program you install.


  8. Teach Yourself Visual Basic 5 in 24 Hours

    • Don't worry, this lesson is not all theory and description! The final part of this lesson walks you through the building of a complete Visual Basic application. A little help from the VB Application Wizard will go a long way.


  9. java

    • Net ASP / VbScript C / C++ Cold Fusion Delphi Java HTML 5 / Javascript Perl PHP SQL Visual Basic.


  10. Visual Basic Code Source - VB Examples

    • This page contains a list of examples that is compatible with Visual Basic 5.0 and Visual Basic 6.0. Most of the examples are made by me, a few are from Microsoft, and a couple are from other developers.