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  1. Prepay mobile plans that you design - Vodafone NZ

    • A new world of Prepay.
    • You'll need a smartphone and My Vodafone to design and activate your plan. Plan must consist of minutes, text and data.


  2. Pay & Go is a simple prepaid plan - Vodafone NZ | New to Vodafone

    • Already with Vodafone. If you’re an existing Prepay customer, all you have to do is change your plans and you’re good to go.
    • Helpful step-by-step guide to get you set up. New to Vodafone Existing Customer. Pop in your new SIM, and using your phone, go to.


  3. Add-Ons for your plan - TXTs, data, and calling minutes - Vodafone NZ

    • Sign in to My Vodafone to find out if you’re on an eligible plan. Your nominated NZBestMate can be any NZ mobile or landline.
    • These Add-Ons are only available with selected Vodafone plans. New Phone Every Year ›.


  4. vodafone text plans new zealand

    • Vodafone free New Zealand roaming for data voice text - Australian... www.ausbt.com.au. Vodafone chose New Zealand for the launch of its revolutionary $5/day roaming plans in August 2013.


  5. My Flex Prepay - flexible options for your prepay - Vodafone NZ

    • My Flex Prepay. New Zealand’s most flexible prepay which lets you design your own plan or choose great value pre-designed options.
    • Pop in your new SIM, and using your phone, go to. www.vodafone.co.nz/getgoing (Please turn off WiFi).


  6. Red+ Our best mobile plans with loads of data - Vodafone NZ

    • Vodafone NZ mobiles within NZ: 20c per PXT. Any other mobile network in NZ and Australia or any email address for the rest of the world: 51c per PXT.
    • The special Data Test Drive data allowance is for use in New Zealand only. Only your plan's data can be used for roaming and normal roaming data...


  7. Samsung Galaxy Note8 pre orders start today - Vodafone NZ

    • Switch to Vodafone Broadband and enjoy a $300 joining credit. Available online on eligible 12 month Unlimited Broadband plans. Samsung Galaxy Note8. See the bigger picture and communicate in a whole new way.


  8. 'Bring my phone number' and switch to a Vodafone plan - Vodafone NZ

    • Using your phone, pop your new SIM and go to www.vodafone.co.nz/getgoing. Follow the simple steps to get set up, choose your plan and top up. Once you've set up and topped up, click on the 'Bring Your Number' link at the bottom of the screen and fill in your details.


  9. Prepay Phone Deals - Vodafone NZ

    • Stay connected on NZ's leading network. Vodafone Smart E8. Blue Slate. 8GB. $99. With Vodafone Prepay SIM. Select.
    • If you're on our latest Prepay plans you’ll be served up Fantastic Prepay Deals made for you, every Friday.


  10. International Plan - Vodafone NZ

    • As part of this plan, you get access to special calling and text rates to selected international countries that are always available.
    • Every number is welcome at Vodafone. If you are currently using any of the networks mentioned above, and plan to extend your stay in New Zealand, you can now bring...