Samsung is opening a VR film studio in New York City | The Verge

...that the company plans on opening a VR production studio based in one if its New York City

Samsung to open a VR film studio in NYC - Android Authority

At this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Samsung has announced it will open a dedicated VR studio in New York City. The announcement was made by Marc Mathieu...

How Watching Films Will Be Revolutionized By Baobab Studios

Maureen Fan, founder and CEO of Baobab Studios, went out and formed a team to specialize in creating VR films.

VR Film Studio Felix & Paul Release 'Nomads' 360 Documentary Series

Felix & Paul Studios has produced a number of 360 video experiences, including LeBron James

For more information on Samsung’s VR film studio, please visit...

Samsung has announced at the Sundance Film Festival 2016 that it is opening a virtual reality studio in New York to produce new VR experiences. Like early VR studios such as VRSE and Felix and...

Baobab Studios aims to tell animated stories in VR, with $6M in funding

Baobab Studios has raised $6 million as part of its plan to usher in a new era of virtual reality animated stories. The funding shows that VR is becoming a new entertainment medium that blends the film...

Samsung Opening A VR Film Studio In New York

Samsung, one of the companies poised for a windfall if the industry takes off, seems to be trying to continue the trend with its newly announced VR film studio in New York City.

Facebook's Oculus forms in-house virtual-reality film studio

Facebook's VR headset maker Oculus is getting into movies with an in-house studio dedicated to making virtual-reality films. The firm has hired staff from Pixar...

Facebook's Oculus forms its own VR film studio - CNET

Oculus Story Studio will develop movies for virtual-reality devices, like the Oculus Rift. It's kicking off with an animated short premiering Monday at the Sundance Film Festival.

Oculus Story Studio Premiers Henry VR Film

The project’s release is a step forward in the convergence of Hollywood and VR, as more film studios look to utilize the technology for development.

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