You Can Watch Sundance’s VR Films Right on Your Smartphone

Whether it intends to be or not, the Sundance Film Festival can feel a bit exclusive.

Sundance's VR Films Will Break Your Brain

If this year’s Sundance Film Festival is any indication, virtual reality is about to hit the mainstream. Under a program called New Frontier, the festival is promoting eleven independently produced VR...

Sundance Institute | Available June 10-18 on Milk VR

International Festivals. Sundance Film Festival: London.

You Can Watch Sundance's VR Film Selections for Free | Digital Trends

Every year, when the Sundance Film Festival rolls around, wealthy Hollywood folks and the journalists who cover them gather in Park City, Utah...

Sundance’s VR films fail by passing the workload buck to their viewers

Film festival sponsorship doesn't spare these directors from their early-VR mistakes.

Transitioning into VR Filmmaking with Sundance Short Film 'SONAR'

...set out to do, and did exceptionally well with their 360 degree CG-based VR film SONAR.

The best virtual reality from the 2016 Sundance Film Festival

People like to talk about how film took years to evolve beyond the language of theater, and while I’m not sure

How VR experiments at Sundance are bringing our bodies into...

No other film festival has shown VR as much early love as Sundance. And after last year's intriguing, experimental line-up of nine experiences, Robert Redford's film festival is now mixing up and coming...

Groundbreaking VR film 'Allumette' steps into the light at Sundance

As of now, distribution for Allumette — and other "VR films" is still being worked out, as the business models have not completely emerged yet. But expect that to change by the time Sundance rolls...

You can watch 13 of the best VR films at Sundance from your home...

You have until February 12 to view the VR films. They’ll be inaccessible for a while thereafter, although Sundance says it will bring them back for short stints throughout the year.

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