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Sundance's VR Films Will Break Your Brain


If this year’s Sundance Film Festival is any indication, virtual reality is about to hit the mainstream. Under a program called New Frontier, the festival is promoting eleven independently produced VR...

How virtual reality storytelling is taking flight in 2015


We sent Ben Aston, a young filmmaker based in London, to review the VR short films and interactive experiences at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

'17 Sundance Film Festival - New Frontier Projects | Sundance Institute


Sundance Film Forward is a touring program which introduces a new generation of audiences to the power

Transitioning into VR Filmmaking with Sundance Short Film 'SONAR'


It's a Boom Year for VR at Sundance & You Can See It with the Official App. Exploring the Potential Future of Filmmaking with Jaunt VR's New Oculus Rift Short Film.

Sundance’s VR films fail by passing the workload buck to their viewers


Film festival sponsorship doesn't spare these directors from their early-VR mistakes.

The best virtual reality from the 2016 Sundance Film Festival


People like to talk about how film took years to evolve beyond the language of theater, and while I’m not sure

Sundance 2017 to Debut VR Film Content | VRFocus


The Sundance Film Festival has become a key event in the annual showcase calendar for virtual reality (VR) content, and 2017 is looking set to be no different.

Why Sundance 2017 is Poised to be a Breakthrough Year for VR


An image from 'Voyager' by Jeffrey Travis, an official selection of the New Frontier VR Experiences program at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

Watch Some Of The Best Sundance VR Films On Google... - UploadVR


The Sundance Film Festival is showing more VR then ever before. The movie industry’s best and brightest are in Utah peeking at the future of immersive cinema.

Groundbreaking VR film 'Allumette' steps into the light at Sundance


As of now, distribution for Allumette — and other "VR films" is still being worked out, as the business models have not completely emerged yet. But expect that to change by the time Sundance rolls...


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