VR Filmmaking’s Future Is Beautiful and…Totally Uncertain | WIRED


There has been a lot of talk lately about VR filmmaking, and the possibilities are incredible. Animated films, documentaries, and live-action experiences could be revolutionized by...

What It Takes To Make Virtual Reality Films, Part 1 - ReadWrite


Felix & Paul: We started working together about a decade ago, before founding a VR studio. Both of us come from traditional filmmaking backgrounds, making commercials, music videos and films.

Eight-Week VR Filmmaking Workshop | NYFA


No prior experience is required to enroll in the Eight-Week VR Filmmaking Workshop. Please note that projects and curriculum are subject to change.

Visionary VR is Reinventing Filmmaking’s Most Fundamental Concept...


How can VR filmmakers reconcile direction without film’s most fundamental concept? It’s a challenge that the pioneers of VR filmmaking have been working on...

VR Is About to Change Filmmaking Forever: Here’s How


Ads by Google. Hollywood is talking about virtual reality. At the Oculus Connect conference last month, a whole panel of Hollywood alums talked about the technology and it’s applications in filmmaking.

6 Ways Virtual Reality Will Change Filmmaking | IndieWire...


There are innumerable ways VR will change filmmaking that we can’t see yet.

Vr & filmmaking: the future of cinema is immersive...


But if they manage to pull off just what they promise, then the future of filmmaking is going to look

The Death of Live Action Filmmaking | VRFocus


Innovations in CGI and the release of consumer VR are to have significant ramifications for live action film making.

5 Groundbreaking Ways to Tell Stories in the Future of Filmmaking


VR isn't the future of filmmaking. Films will always be better told on a screen.

Sundance 2016: Attention Turns to VR Filmmaking Tools - iQ by Intel


At this year’s Sundance Film Festival, however, the latest visual storytelling trend pulled audiences into plots and put them in control of the action using virtual reality (VR) filmmaking tools.

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