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VR Filmmaking | RealVision VR


Cinematic VR is a Genre (and not a storytelling tool or format). Think in 360 – VR Filmmaking Masterclasses come to Film Festivals.

Virtual Reality Filmmaking | VR Workshops | NYFA


No prior experience is required to enroll in the 8-Week Narrative VR Filmmaking Workshop. Projects and curriculum are subject to change.

Virtual Reality Game Design | VR Workshops | NYFA


Narrative VR Filmmaking provides an in-depth introduction to the world of 360 degree video production including: writing for VR, directing the actors and audience in 360...

25 Thoughts On Virtual Reality Filmmaking | UNIT9


Part 1 – on the difference with traditional film. 1. Filmmaking in VR is different not just because of the content or the experience, but also because of the process.

VR Is About to Change Filmmaking Forever: Here's How


VR filmmaking has many challenges though. How can directors move the camera while keeping the viewer comfortable? How do directors cut film without disorienting the viewer?



VR short films created during the VR- filmmaking workshop will be screened on Wed 17.8 (Tennispalatsi 2) and on Sat 20.8 (WHS Theather).

Vr & filmmaking: the future of cinema is immersive...


But if they manage to pull off just what they promise, then the future of filmmaking is going to look

5 Groundbreaking Ways to Tell Stories in the Future of Filmmaking


VR isn't the future of filmmaking. Films will always be better told on a screen.

Post Magazine - VR filmmaking: Two perspectives


VR filmmaking: Two perspectives. Virtual Reality is still in the “Wild West’ era, for both filmmakers and studio service providers. Post recently connected with pros on both fronts.

Visionary VR is Reinventing Filmmaking’s Most Fundamental Concept...


How can VR filmmakers reconcile direction without film’s most fundamental concept? It’s a challenge that the pioneers of VR filmmaking have been working on...

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