How do I load wallet.dat on new PC and import everything into...

You can also import the wallet.dat directly into Electrum. Bitcoin Core needs to download the whole chain (as you mentioned) so that'll take a while.

Importing wallet.dat file to Electrum wallet

Wondering how I can import the wallet.dat file from bitcoin-qt client to Electrum wallet offline. I would like to keep my current...

Wallet.dat electrum

Wallet.dat electrum. Уникальный формат коммуникаций.

Reddcoin Wallets | Reddcoin Electrum FAQs

There is no more need for backing up wallet files like wallet.dat.

2 x 300 PTS Bounty to Import Electrum or Armory Wallet [CLOSED]

Assuming Armory doesn't use the bitcoinqt wallet.dat, then it qualifies. Otherwise it does not. This 300 PTS bounty is for EITHER Electrum or Armory and both can be won for a total of 600 PTS.

Bitcoin clients in tails - blockchain and electrum

You would replace /tmp/electrum.dat with whatever the path to your wallet is, and

Wallets (QT, Electrum, Mobile,...) - Official Documentation - Confluence

Wallets (QT, Electrum, Mobile,...) Перейти к концу метаданных.

A Beginner's Guide to the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet - Bitzuma

Funds from paper wallets are swept into an Electrum Wallet through a three step process: (1) Import the private key; (2) transfer bitcoin from the Paper Wallet address into an Electrum wallet address...

Electrum-GRS released | Forum

The multi-signature addresses starts with a "3" and not with a "F". Electrum-GRS creates an encrypted filename default_wallet instead of wallet.dat (like in Groestlcoin Core) • Location Windows: Navigate to C:\Users\USER NAME...

is it possible to import my wallet.dat to an web wallet? : litecoin

Wallets. Official Wallet - Litecoin Core - Use bootstrap.dat to sync quickly. Official Lite Wallet, Electrum-LTC.

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