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  1. Wallet - Bitcoin Wiki

    • The wallet.dat file is located in the Bitcoin data directory. It is intended that a wallet file be used on only one installation of Bitcoin at a time.


  2. Import wallet.dat into a new Bitcoin-Qt client - Bitcoin Stack Exchange

    • When you placed the other wallet.dat file in place, you should run Bitcoin-Qt with the -rescan option. Here's how to do that in Windows


  3. backup - How to recover an old wallet.dat file - Bitcoin Stack Exchange

    Bitcoin-Qt is a full p2p network client, so to work, it needs to sync with the network. Basically, it will download every transaction that was done with the currency (~15 GB in total at the moment).


  4. How to find wallet.dat? | 99 Bitcoins

    • I’m trying to backup my Bitcoin wallet – I’m using Bitcoin core and from what I understand I need to get the wallet.dat file. Where can I find it?


  5. Data directory - Bitcoin Wiki

    The data directory is the location where Bitcoin's data files are stored, including the wallet data file. Go to Start -> Run (or press WinKey+R) and run this: %APPDATA%\Bitcoin. Bitcoin's data folder will open. For most users...


  6. Where is wallet.dat file path in Mac OSX Lion?

    • That's probably why you're not finding your wallet.dat. Try googling up instructions for un-hiding the Library folder, and then you'll probably be able to find your wallet file.


  7. File extension DAT - Bitcoin wallet

    • This specific wallet.dat file stores transaction data and all other related information (keys, metadata, options) about your Bitcoin activity.


  8. how to import/upgrade really old wallet.dat file?

    • I have a wallet.dat file with hundreds of coins on it from version 0.3.21 I can't get it to work with the newest version of bitcoinQT.


  9. Hottest 'wallet.dat' Answers - Bitcoin Stack Exchange

    • If you still have the wallet.dat file and your password you can access your bitcoins. You do not have to use Bitcoin-Qt 7 and it does not matter if your wallet ever synced before.


  10. Litecoin wallet - new features proposals - Development - The New Litecointalk Forum

    • Regarding the wallet.dat file (in case of any problems with, for example, finding it) the wallet itself could be more helpful than it is now.