How do I load wallet.dat on new PC and import everything into...

You can also import the wallet.dat directly into Electrum. Bitcoin Core needs to download the whole chain (as you mentioned) so that'll take a while. Without the chain, your transaction are indeed illegal/conflicted.

Importing wallet.dat file to Electrum wallet

Wondering how I can import the wallet.dat file from bitcoin-qt client to Electrum wallet offline.

2 x 300 PTS Bounty to Import Electrum or Armory Wallet [CLOSED]

The pull request must work on all platforms. Code: [Select]. namespace bts { std::vector<fc::ecc::private_key> import_electrum_wallet( const fc::path& wallet_dat, const std::string& passphrase )

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Number the computers so we understand what you are saying. edit: for instance what did you do when you imported the wallet? Just copy pasted the electrum.dat file from one system to another ?

How to import wallet.dat to Electrum-LTC? - Bitcoin Updates

How to import wallet.dat to Electrum-LTC? Hey, guys. So I'm about to install Electrum-LTC, I never used it before, only Litecoin Core. Can I just copy my wallet.dat into the data folder of Electrum-LTC? Is that how it's done?

Importing Bitcoin from a paper wallet into Electrum | The Cleverest

Paste your private key into the field and press Import. Nice! Now you can see in the screenshot above that the 12WwoV address is now in my Electrum wallet in a newly-created "Imported" section, and my bitcoin balance is now 0.36477.

is it possible to import my wallet.dat to an web wallet? : litecoin

i'd like to import my wallet.dat into a web wallet so i don't have to redownload the software and sync up to the network. i also don't want to...

Add watch addresses · Issue #225 · spesmilo/electrum · GitHub

The necessity for this is that I use electrum to both store and watch my wallet, and on my insecure computers I have a few vanity addresses that I would like to input into electrum without ever

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For Electrum wallet, we have added some new server nodes (just search this forum for electrum) However, you are not able to import the wallet.dat, as it is a different format. Reddwallet is depreciated for the time being.

Wallet.dat electrum

Wallet.dat electrum. Уникальный формат коммуникаций.

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