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How to remove private keys from wallet.dat and create “receive only” wallet? 1. How to get private key from litecoin-qt wallet? 1. Import private key on multiple computers.

wallet.dat import public key without private key? (view only)

As an aside, this is for the developer of pywallet and other third party wallet.dat applications: Can you import a public key into wallet.dat and simply have a bogus encrypted private key, so this would have the same effect...

How to import private keys - Litecoin Wiki

Caution: Be careful while transferring private keys. Wrongful handling can cause the loss of your Litecoins. Always make a backup of your wallet.dat before importing and exporting private keys. Click on Help, open the Debug Window and switch to the Console tab.

[Python] Importing private keys into wallet.dat ( 1.0)

# --importprivkey=KEY import private key from vanitygen.

Importing private key results in 0 balance. - CryptoCoin Discussions

I've tried to import the private keys to a different wallet.dat, but in all altcoins, it results in 0 balances.

wallet-key-tool/WalletDatHandler.xtend at master...

/** * Wallet.dat import handler. This handler does not need any.

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Another question, When I import a private key into a fresh wallet and send coins, does it send all additional funds held from that private key to a different address

How to Import Bitcoin Core wallet.dat File into MultiBit

In fact, this just happened to me after dusting off my old wallet.dat file from 2 years ago.

Thread How to recover a private key from old wallet.dat file?

Use Code: dumpprivkey (Address) to get your private key and import it into by creating an account...

250 PTS - BOUNTY - Import wallet.dat Private Keys via API call...

I'm able to import the correct private keys from a bitcoin wallet (verified it with a address utility, the public key matches the address in the client).

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